Farmers' Market Finds

This morning was the farmers market and I got a whole slew of beautiful, locally-grown produce. I took pictures of all my finds. I got two types of carrots. The stubby orange ones are called French garden carrots, and then I got some gorgeous purple ones (pictured right). I was so excited about the carrots that when I came home, I washed them up, and made them into a salad---even before I put the rest of the veggies away!

I got several leafy greens: some young red leaf lettuce (pictured left), arugula, and a new green I have never tried, tat soi (pictured below, right). Apparently, tat soi is supposed to taste like spinach. The leaves are a little thicker and waxier than spinach. I'm just going to have to give it a shot!

Of course, one can't live in Georgia without enjoying Vidalia onions! I got a big bag of those.

Finally, I got a quart of shelled sweet peas.

I already have one dish made from these finds. I can't wait to post some more! Stay tuned for recipes featuring these vegetables!