Breakfast Parfait

Sometimes I feel like I overlook the most simple recipes, no matter how delicious they are, just because they seem ordinary to me. Breakfast foods are one of those types of foods that I overlook because they're thrown together quickly in the morning with simple ingredients. One such breakfast that I eat multiple times a week is a simple breakfast parfait. The recipe originates from the Jillian Michaels' website. It's a really balanced meal that can be prepared the night before and sat in the fridge or can be put together quickly in the morning. This recipe showcases Greek yogurt, which in the last month or so I have acquired a taste for. Greek yogurt, is a tangy, creamy, dense yogurt and it blends perfectly with fruit, nuts, and honey. Another thing about this recipe I like is that is uses pumpkin seeds. I'm not sure if these types of seeds were used in this recipe for any particular nutritional boost, but they add a pretty color contrast against the fruit and have a slightly crunchy texture. This breakfast that seems so ordinary to me because I eat it so often, but it's actually quite spectacular.

 Strawberry and pumpkin seed layer

Honey-drenched blueberries

Last bite...

Breakfast Parfait
Printable Recipe

1 cup fat free Greek yogurt
1/4 cup diced strawberries (about 2-3 medium strawberries)
1/4 cup blueberries
2 tsp pumpkin seeds
1 tsp honey

1. Layer half the yogurt in the bottom of a dish or cup.
2. Place the strawberries on top of the yogurt, followed by 1 tsp of the pumpkin seeds.
3. Layer the last half of the yogurt on top of the strawberries, followed by the blueberries, the remaining pumpkin seeds, and the honey. Serve immediately or set in the fridge overnight to have for breakfast the next day.

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