Spring Break Update

This week was Spring Break, and mine was jam-packed with a little work, a lot of fun, and some good eats.

First off, my family came for a visit. I was anticipating spending the whole week at my field site and they were going to be there to accompany me, but in combination of the facts that I had a seriously bad head cold and that my plants just weren't really ready to census, I came back from Tallulah Gorge early.

Being St. Patrick's Day is a big day for Savannah, we headed to Savannah the day before to look at the city all greened up for the holiday without the crowd. Many of the fountains in the city were filled with green water, such as the one in Forsyth Park.

While in Savannah, of course we went to Fresh Market to stock up on some delicious snacks: roasted (and psychadelic green!) edamame, yogurt-covered pretzels, raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds and spices. It's a good thing we went to Savannah the day before St. Patrick's because the next day was so rainy and yucky. Instead, we headed up to Augusta because I needed a couple of special outfits for a talk and a poster presentation that are coming up for me in the next two weeks.

My favorite day was a day spent in Charleston, SC. We got off track despite our GPS and found ourselves in the French Quarter by the battery. I had been in Charleston before over 10 years ago, and we totally missed this section! We were down by Ft. Sumter and the Rainbow Row houses, but the French Quarter area was so much more charming, and not to mention oozing with an older history (a combo of Revolutionary War and Civil War).

We found the City Market on Meeting St., where I got a new pashmina (the grey one, below) for a souvenir. Yesterday we headed down to Jekyll Island, which is a nice quiet place with very little development. My favorite spot on the island is called the driftwood beach, which has all sorts of large, bleached-white pieces of driftwood all up the shoreline.

Brunswick, GA is just a few minutes from the island and we found a cute little beer and wine store called True Vine where I got a sweet South African rose which I will be sure to enjoy...I hope to head back to that store again sometime because they carry some of my favorite beers and wines (mainly Wood Chuck Pear cider and catawba wine). We headed into Savannah one final time and enjoyed dinner at Moon River, which is supposedly very haunted by ghosts, but has reasonably-priced pub food.

I'm so glad my family came down to see me and that I am in better shape health-wise for their coming here. I'm sure the ocean and mountain air helped me to feel better, and I needed a break like nobody's business! Now, my nose is going back to the grindstone because I have a virology exam and I'm giving my first talk at a seminar this week. I hope to post some recipes again soon!

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