Teriyaki-Mango Chicken Packets

As a featured publisher at foodbuzz.com, I was eligible to enter their Daily Special Posting Challenge. For this challenge, I have to make a post each week inspired by their Daily Specials, which are featured kitchen products. I was inspired by this grilling basket and tray. When I first saw it, I immediately thought of camping trips with my friends where we use aluminum foil to make packets for food. While I don't have this particular basket, using foil to cook food in the open fire, on the grill, or even in the oven would probably have the same effect. Another bonus is because the food is totally sealed in the foil, you won't lose juices that come from the roasting food. I'm sure this grilling basket is great, but foil has never disappointed me!

I typically cook fish in aluminum foil, but I thought I'd try something different and cook chicken breast fillets in the foil. When it comes to cooking meat in a packet, there is always the question of whether it's done or not, but by filleting the chicken breast, it helps you to get around that. I decided to cook the chicken with teriyaki sauce and one of my favorite fruits, mango. Mangoes have been on sale for about a month at the market for only about 75 cents a piece, so I have been getting my fill! Because I want this to be as authentic to camping as possible, I used more dried spices than I normally would, which are so much more convenient. This was an easy recipe to throw together with minimal clean-up since you're cooking the chicken in the foil. The chicken was perfectly cooked through and moist with the warm mango sauce. This is a great recipe for anyone who likes sweet-and-sour flavor.

Teriyaki-Mango Chicken Packets
Printable Recipe

2 chicken breasts, each cut into fillets (4 fillets total)
2 cups diced mango
1 red bell pepper, sliced
4 scallions, sliced
4 tbsp teriyaki sauce
4 tsp extra virgin olive oil
1/2 tsp ground ginger
1/4 tsp garlic powder
cayenne pepper, to taste (optional)
black pepper, to taste
4 1'x1' squares heavy-duty aluminum foil or double layered foil (if cooking on grill or open flame) or regular foil for oven roasting

1. Place the chicken breasts on one side of each square of aluminum foil.
2. Toss the mango, bell pepper, scallion, teriyaki, oil, ginger, garlic, cayenne, and black pepper in a bowl. Divide the mixture on top of the chicken.
3. Fold the excess half of the foil over the chicken and fold the edges several times to secure the juices in the packet.
4. If roasting in the oven, preheat the oven to 450 and cook for 18 minutes. If on the grill or open fire, cook 15-18 minutes or until the chicken is done (the grill lid should be closed, open fire should have a single, even layer of hot coals). Let the chicken rest in its closed packet for 5 minutes. Be careful when opening because there may be steam.

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