Weekend Away in Cincy Part 1

The first weekend home, my family and I decided to take a trip to one of my favorite cities in the U.S., Cincinnati. You just can't help but feel history when you go to Cincy. I have to confess that my primary reason for visiting Cincy was not a history lesson, but to visit one of the biggest grocery and specialty food stores in the country, Jungle Jim's. If you are a foodie, you will feel as if you have died and gone to heaven here. The selection is so vast I couldn't even fit everything I wanted into the frame of my camera, but I did attempt to, at least.

Jungle Jim's truly is foodie land...

This isn't your ordinary supermarket. They even tried to make it look like a jungle!

One of my favorite sections, the olive bar...actually, this is only half of the selection available...
Attention cheese lovers! JJ's has a selection of cheeses from nearly every cheese producing country you can imagine. This section is devoted to American and United Kingdom cheeses. There is a whole other section on the other side full of even more cheese!
Part of the wine section...there were about 10 other aisles behind me, too...
The vast produce section
Some of the tropical fruits such as dragon fruit, lychees, and one I had never heard of before: longons. I wouldn't recommend them, they tasted like what I imagine would be a fruity, slimy eyeball. Yuck! But, it seemed a lot of other people liked them...without JJ's I wouldn't have even had a chance to try something new!
Another decoration of the building...an old tram from Epcot Center wraps around the exterior
As you can see from these photos, if you are ever in the Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio area, this place it totally worth checking out! This store is so vast, but I wanted to give you a snippet of the things I love about this store. I'm so jealous of the Cincy residents who get to shop here regularly!

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