Weekend Away in Cincy Part 2

As we drove back from Cincinnati, we visited a winery called Stream Cliff Farm in southeastern Indiana. Stream Cliff Farm is the oldest herb farm in Indiana, with a history dating back to 1821. While the farm has a rich historical past, currently it's been turned into a greenhouse, winery, and restaurant.

The farm house

Lush gardens

To the greenhouse, where you can purchase a wide variety of plants. Another highlight: I got to see their adorable chickens eating watermelon.

Twigs and Sprigs Tea room, where we had the most delicious meal on our trip in the Cincinnati/southeast Indiana trip

My family and I went to the restaurant for lunch. I had high expectations for the on-site restaurant, called the Twigs and Sprigs Tea room, because my mom said the food was delicious. I was definitely not let down. Everything was prepared fresh and full of herbs that this farm is known for. Everything was house-made, even down to the croutons in the salad! For my lunch I had the marjoram seafood salad. Marjoram is such an under-appreciated herb, which is what attracted me to this salad. My parents also had different salads, and we shared a dish of their dill coleslaw, which was simple yet unique...something I have to dupe myself! The piece de resistance was the double-crust blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream, served in a fancy glass dish. It was probably the best blackberry cobbler I've ever had in my life.

Dill coleslaw--awesome!

My marjoram seafood salad, complete with homemade bread and fresh herb butter.

Blueberry chicken salad. They serve several different iced herbal teas every day, too.

Chicken salad with cranberries and oranges. The lemonade was extra special because it was flavored with lemon verbena.

Blackberry Cobbler...so good you can't help but dance around in your seat while eating it!

Though many people may not know it, Indiana produces some delicious wines, and the ones at Stream Cliff were definitely impressive. Like most wineries in Indiana, they have wines made from fruits besides grapes such as blackberries and peaches as well as grapes wines. I tried quite a few of the wines, including their Sippin' White with my lunch, which is made with Niagara grapes. In their tasting room, I tried several of their sweet wines, all of which have cute names and labels. The most unique of the wines was called Pink Pig, which has raspberry aromas and is best served chilled with chocolate. Prancing Horse, a cranberry wine, Daisy's Delight, a white wine with a peach nectar aroma, and Fancy Filly, a Traminette wine, were also my favorites.

Tasting room

If you are in the southeastern area of Indiana, this is definitely one place to check out.

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