Holiday Meat and Cheese Platter

As I told you in a previous post, I received an amazing gift box from Hickory Farm's through Foodbuzz's Tastemakers program. I just wanted to show how I served up some of the goodies for a holiday party carry-in. To make an attractive platter, I sliced up the cheeses and sausages and compactly arranged them in large groups. Arranging the ingredients this way makes the platter look bountiful, and pre-slicing the cheeses and meats makes it easy for everyone to select what they want, otherwise they might be struggling with a plate of food, and their napkins and eating utensils. For this platter, I used a square plate approximately 16"x16". I centered the cheeseball in the middle, then starting from the outside edge I shingled each of the ingredients in groups. On one side, I used the Italian beef sausage and on the other I used the classic beef sausage. On each remaining side when two of the cheeses. I served the cranberry mustard and spicy mustard on the side, along with water crackers.

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