Update and Another Wine Trial

January is coming to a close and while my posting number for the month has been rather pitiful, my life behind-the-scenes has been busy but good. Joining a new, larger university in the middle of an academic year and acclimating to a knew town has taken away nearly all my free time. As far as cooking goes, I still have a backlog of recipes made while I was visiting my family that I need to post, but I have been so busy my meals have been relatively uninteresting. Lots of sandwiches, canned soup, and cereal. I don't mind these less-than-creative meals because I have been enjoying using my time instead to meet new people and explore the new town I am in.

I think the only gastronomic goal I've had for the month of January is giving some Texas wines a try. I shared a bottle of delicious chenin blanc from Llano Estacado wineries. I think I liked it more than the Twin Springs, but honestly its hard to compare the two because they were different styles of wine. The chenin blanc was sophisticated but easy to drink; I imagine it would be a pleasing wine for anyone who enjoys white wine. It had a clean, lightly crisp apple and pear flavor, and as the back label said would pair nicely with chicken or fish; I agree with their suggestion. I just had it by itself while playing board games...any wine that I can drink while relaxing is fine by me.

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