Garden Chicken Sandwich

This past weekend was amazing. I went to the annual Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association conference in San Marcos, TX. Not only was it exciting to travel to a place in Texas that I had never been, but it was my first opportunity to network with people in all aspects of the Texas wine industry. Learning the range of professions within the wine industry was inspiring. We had some delicious meals and wines, which inspired me to re-create some of the dishes. I saved the menus from the meals and I can't wait to try and make my own versions of the recipes. In the meantime, I have to get back on track with healthy eating. When I got back in town I went to the grocery store and picked up a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. I have been enjoying smoothies in the morning made with different combinations of mango, strawberries, blackberries, and banana. I add 1% milk and vanilla whey protein to balance the smoothies out. They don't keep me full for long, but they give me a good energy boost and taste really good. I have been making big salads (makes me think of Elaine from Seinfeld) for lunch with a variety of vegetables. I have also been making sandwiches stacked with vegetables, like the one posted here. Normally I will just put some spinach on my sandwich, but I found crimson clover and radish sprouts at my local health food market, which are so pretty and pink peeking out of the sandwich. I love cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, so instead of sliced cheese I used cream cheese (which helped seal the bread away from getting soggy from the vegetables, too) as well as cucumbers. I also included chicken for extra protein and arugula, which provides more flavor than just spinach.

Garden Chicken Sandwich
Printable Recipe

2 slices good-quality whole wheat or multi-grain bread
2 tbsp reduced-fat cream cheese, softened
a few baby spinach leaves
a few baby arugula leaves
6 thin slices English cucumber
1 oz thinly-sliced roasted chicken breast
about 2 tbsp mixed sprouts (I used crimson clover and radish)

1. Divide the cream cheese evenly between the two pieces of bread.
2. Layer on the arugula and spinach leaves, cucumber, chicken, sprouts, then top with the other slice of bread (cream cheese side down). Cut however you please (I think triangles are prettiest).

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