Happy 3rd Birthday Chow Bella!

I made it through my first year of my doctorate, celebrated the holidays, had my own birthday, and now it's time to recognize the 3rd birthday of Chow Bella! I'm glad my hobby I started long ago is still in the works, despite disruption of moving and settling in a new town and university.

I have been cooking a lot since I have been home for winter break, but most of the things are off-the-cuff non-recipes. I also have been cooking a lot of recipes from The Food Lovers Make it Paleo cookbook. I hope once I accumulate enough pictures and tried a lot of recipes to do a comprehensive review. So far, every single recipe has pleased both me and those who do not eat a Paleo diet, so I think this cookbook is a winner. I even made their chocolate chip cookies for my birthday treat, and they are awesome. Not just "good for being a Paleo cookie recipe" but a good recipe in general! I have made one of their main course recipes and an appetizer recipe as well for a New Year's party. I plan to prepare a few more, then have a post with a lot of pictures.

Here is a picture of our Christmas dinner---all Paleo, with roasted turkey, a baked pumpkin side dish I kind of threw together and hope to re-make, and a Brussels sprouts recipe adapted from Loren Cordain's cookbook.

Hope you all had a nice holiday season! Luckily my class load isn't as heavy this semester so I hope to bring you all a lot more recipes!

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