Dinner Last Night

Coming home to the aroma of food cooking in the crockpot after a hectic is sort of like walking into your house and receiving a big hug. It's like someone is there preparing dinner specially for you, except the person who prepared the dinner was you...9 hours ago. Bursts the welcoming bubble a little bit, but then you start eating the meal and can feel relaxed for the first time since you woke up in the morning.

Yesterday I knew I would be away all day, so I prepared a recipe from paleOMG for Easy Paleo Shredded Beef. The cut of meat I chose was a rump roast because it was pretty cheap and looked good at the market that day. The only deviation I took was to place a layer of large chunks of peeled sweet potato in between the top layer of sliced onion so they would steam along with the meat and give me one less thing to need to prepare in when I got home. The aroma was amazing! Onions, beef, spices...it was a beautiful thing. The broth in the bottom of the dish was so rich, and after I shredded the meat, the meat absorbed all of the liquid. This was such a great meal!

I roasted some broccoli spears from the Food Lovers' Primal Palate alongside, and while they cooked I shredded the meat (step 8, which helped me release some aggression from a stressful day) and let the meat sit in the broth to absorb the flavors. I also extracted the sweet potatoes and some of the onions and topped them with about a tablespoon of butter. They were so tender and absorbed some of the meat broth so they were really delicious. Step 9 was the best part...I totally ate it like I meant it!

I highly suggest you check out this recipe!

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