Dinner the Other Night

Lucky for me I had a couple of classes cancelled this week so I got to spend some more time at home. This week has been much more cool out compared to some of the 90 degree days we've already had in west Texas. I've been enjoying having my windows open to let the fresh air into my apartment. On the day my 8 am class was cancelled, I had initially planned to go to a coffee shop to work on a day off, however from my kitchen window I could hear the birds singing, so I thought it would be pleasant to work at home.

While I was making breakfast, I also put together some chili to go into my slow cooker. I had seen an amazing recipe for chili a couple of weeks ago on the site The Clothes Make the Girl. Consequently, this site is managed by Melissa Joulwan the author of Well Fed, a Paleo recipe cookbook. I haven't had a chance to check out the book yet because it hasn't been at my local bookstore, but I have read a lot of recipes on the site and they are really amazing. I like her nickname for her food "dino chow."

Even though the recipe didn't require a slow cooker, I prepared the recipe through step 1, then added everything to my slow cooker and simmered it all day. The secret to the thick, rich sauce of this chili has to be the simmer!

While I was sitting and studying the aroma of this cooking chili was beyond amazing. I was tempted to have some for lunch instead of dinner, but I opted to wait and let it simmer longer. I'm so glad I did. The only deviations I took from the recipe was adding a red bell pepper, for extra veggie goodness, and also some black pepper, which the recipe did not call for but I thought would be really good.

This was the perfect dinner for a slightly cool spring evening! I topped my serving with some avocado for some healthy fat. I can't wait to make this again! Please follow the link above to the recipe if you are interested.

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