Easter Weekend Eats

I didn't do anything too eventful for the Easter weekend. On Friday I had dinner with friends and shopped at World Market. Saturday was an errand-running day, but I had a lot of fun around town, including grocery shopping at Sprouts and going to World Market again to buy three more of the glass containers I got on Saturday, as well as peruse more carefully than I did on Friday night. Next door to World Market is Ross, and I got a US women's Nike soccer jersey for only $7.99! It was such a great bargain and it really kept me cool at the gym (plus I felt extra motivated to work...when you play a team sport, you have to earn the jersey, so I felt like I should really "bring it" while on my recumbent bike and lifting.)

Sunday was a bit more leisurely and I did a bit of reading my Viticulture management book. I split a Lindt dark chocolate bunny with my boyfriend, but other than that I didn't do anything too Easter-y.

Monday was fun because I didn't have class, though I did do some work at Starbuck's. I also made some soup to eat over the course of the week, and I will have to post the recipe soon!

Also on Monday, we fired up the new grill for the first time and made some Persian kebabs. They were really delicious, but they were sort of version 1.0 because I think I need to improve my method before writing the recipe. The meat we chose was a little too lean, and also, even though it goes against the meatloaf-making instructions my mom gave me years ago, you do need to mix the meat until it gets a little "overmixed" by meatloaf standards. Otherwise, it doesn't stick to the skewers and there is a gap between the meat and the skewer. In fact, one of them fell apart on the grill and I had to eat it (you can see the bare skewer below)...it wasn't an easy job, but someone had to do it : P

Luckily, we were able to get blade-shaped skewers from World Market, which worked out really well. One major problem we had was we got the worst charcoal ever....it would not light and took a lot of coaxing. Eventually it got hot enough and we were able to grill, though we did not get to grill the big batch of chicken breasts that we wanted for eating throughout the whole week. We also had some pork brats from Sprouts, grilled roma tomatoes, and some coleslaw I made using homemade mayo. It was the best mayo I have ever made because I tried it with my immersion blender for the first time, which made it super thick and fluffy. I will never go back to my blender again! All-in-all, it was a great weekend!

It's a bit blurry, probably because I was so hungry and I was rushing to eat!

Coleslaw, kebab, bratwurst (I could only eat half of it!) and grilled tomato

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