More Snacks and Dinner the Other Night

I received my order of nuts, dried fruit, and teas from Nuts Online this week, and I wanted to post all the stuff I got. I ordered some stuff in the beginning of February, but I ran out of most of those things and I wanted to try some new things. Below are pictures of the items I received:

I got only two samples this time. I re-ordered a sample of chia seeds because I like to add those to Greek yogurt. I had half a bag left, but I didn't want to run out by the time I place other order. I also purchased a sample of dried pears. The sample had four pear halves. Sometimes when you get dried pears they are rubbery and not to flavorful, but these had a lot of flavor and had a gooey pear center, sort of like a prune's center. They were really good. I like that they don't add sugar to their dried pears, so I might get a full size in my next order.

I got crunchy almond butter and sunflower butter. I haven't tried the almond butter, but the sunflower butter tastes just as good as the Sunbutter I usually get.

I decided to try their teas and I also ordered their sprouted pumpkin seeds. The tea on the left is oolong, with the seeds in the center, and jasmine green tea on the left. The pumpkin seeds came in an 8-oz package. I haven't tried them yet because I have been working on the other snacks. Each of the teas came in a quarter pound package. I was really impressed with the jasmine green tea because it had real jasmine flowers in it and did not taste as if it were artificially flavored. The oolong tea is good, however it sort of tastes like a generic black tea; it was missing the characteristic flavor notes of other brands of oolong tea I have tried.

Here are the 1-pound packages I received, from left to right: dry-roasted sunflower seeds, coconut chips, dry-roasted cashews, dried unsweetened pineapple (a re-order because they were awesome!), and dates. The price of the dates were extremely cheap compared to what they are at my local health food store. The cashews were particularly awesome because they were not too salty and they are probably the largest cashews I have ever seen. The sunflower seeds were also very lightly salted and very good. I have not tired the coconut or dates yet.

So those are my latest goodies! These are my honest opinion on these products because I am not sponsored by this company. I just really love their products and how quick they ship their items!

Also, I wanted to show a picture of my dinner from the other  night, where I used my Roasted Chicken Seasoning mix on some chicken thighs. It really is convenient to have a spice mix at hand! I also wanted to show another application for it besides roasting a whole chicken. I roasted the chicken on a foil-lined sheet at 400 degrees F for about 45 minutes, basting them twice with any juices that came from the meat. I also roasted some broccoli seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper, on another pan at the same temperature for about 20 minutes---basically until the florets became a little crunchy. It was a great dinner and so easy to throw together!

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