World Market Haul

I'm so thankful to have made it to the weekend! I needed a break really badly. I could feel myself sort of burning out towards the end of the week. Plus, I really needed to take the time to pay attention to my apartment, which needed some tidying up. Luckily, it's a three-day weekend because of Easter Monday. When I was an undergrad and master's student, we never had Easter Monday, but I guess we get the day off because students will want to travel home for the holiday, and seeing as Texas is such a big state, they need a little extra time for traveling. At least, that is my hypothesis.

In other exciting news, I made some new kitchen purchases. Well, the first one isn't exactly for the kitchen; it's a new grill. Actually, my first grill ever. I  have so many different ideas to start cooking! Also, after dinner with my friends last night I went to World Market and picked up some things I have been wanting really badly. One, some new canisters for the bulk items I get from Sprouts. My cabinets are littered with plastic bags containing nuts and dried fruit, so these will help organize my pantry. Also, I don't think a bag with a twist tie can keep my ingredients as fresh as a gasket-lined lid of a container.  The coolest part about these canisters is that they have a little oval where you can write the name of the item it contains with chalk. I don't always have the same fruits and nuts each week, so writing the item's name will be handy. Of course, I could always see what the item is through the clear glass, but the chalk writing is extra cute. I might go back and get another set because once I got them home I realized how much stuff I wanted to store! I got some silicone muffin cup liners because Paleo muffins and mini frittatas tend to stick to the pan or the paper liners, so these should be great for easy cleanup. Also, because I want to have a series on spice blends, I got a set of four spice shakers. They have revolving tops with three different sized shaker tops, which will be good for letting out larger spices like dried parsley and dried minced onion. I can't wait to make new spices mixes! I also picked up four bags of spices: ginger, chipotle chili powder, dried cilantro, and sesame seeds. I re-filled some of my spice containers last night. I haven't cooked with dried cilantro or chipotle chili powder, so these should be fun additions to my repertoire.

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