Whole 30 Day 1

I had been toying with the idea of doing Whole 30, which is a 30 day period of omitting foods that can negatively impact your health and fitness. I have been doing Paleo/Primal for almost a year now (July 1 is my Paleoversary!), and even though I have omitted the majority of foods that can cause digestive irritations in people, for some reason the idea of challenging myself this way is appealing. I'm thinking ahead about how I will feel at the end of the 30 days: I will have a sense of accomplishment and have fine-tuned my diet even more! I don't give into temptation or treat myself a lot, but the idea of having to resist temptation even more makes me feel as if I will come out at the end more psychologically strong, too. It'll be exercise for my willpower! The underlying premise is to remove grains, legumes, alcohol, and dairy (which can cause digestive problems for many people) and instead focus on eating meat, vegetables, healthy fats, and some fruit and nuts. Therefore, the things I will be eliminating are my infrequent servings of yogurt and cheese and also maple syrup and honey.

I wanted to try Whole 30 at the start of May, but it would conflict with finals week. Finals are stressful enough without trying an elimination diet, and I didn't want to put myself through that. Not that I ate badly during finals! I did better than my last Paleo/finals overlap in December. I also thought, what if I don't make it the 30 days? Then everyone on my blog will know I didn't make it. Now I realize this is a great way to hold me accountable. Obviously, I just wasn't ready to commit before, and I had to wait until I was ready, and now I am!

I was really and unusually hungry this morning. I think my hunger was due to my one last "hoorah" from last night. I met with some other graduate students from my department for frozen yogurt, which happened to be right after my workout. Because I knew I wouldn't be having treats for the next 30 days I indulged a little. I don't frequently eat frozen yogurt, but compared to other treats I could eat I feel it is a bit less problematic, than for instance, some chocolate cake! I put fruit, almonds, and a little dark chocolate mini chips on my yogurt, so it wasn't like I piled on candy. Still, it was one final indulgence with friends and I thought that was alright. Anyway, that was not something substantial, so when I woke up this morning I was incredibly hungry! Therefore for  my first Whole 30 breakfast I scrambled 3 eggs with extra virgin olive oil and had 2 mini turkey burgers from free-roaming turkeys along with a small cup of black coffee (not pictured).

For lunch, which I packed to go with me to the vineyard, consisted of 2 more mini turkey burgers, a big salad with romaine, olives, tomatoes, and cucumber. The dressing was about 1 part red wine vinegar with 1.5 parts extra virgin olive oil, and a half part of flax seed oil, seasoned with a pinch of Italian seasoning and pepper. Because I work so hard outside, having fruit in the afternoon really peps me up, so I had 5 strawberries and a handful of blueberries, too. My afternoon snack was a handful of unsweetened coconut flakes and a cup of jasmine green tea (not pictured). Because I'm cutting back on fruit and sweet potatoes, I really felt a "hole" in these meals. One thing I learned is that I'm going to really have to up my portions or else I will be hungry frequently. I'm going to add a greater variety of vegetables and some avocado to keep things substantial. Actually, one of my greatest inspirations to try Whole 30 is the blog Delightful Tastebuds, which showed pictures of meals all along the way. If I'd learned anything from that blog is, increase the veggie portions and add avocado!

My lunch

Two mini turkey burgers
Berries on the side
Big side salad
My vinaigrette

Speaking of which, my dinner was from that same blog. I made their Beef Steak with Balsamic Mushrooms (which was absolutely delicious!) along with roasted broccoli. The only alterations I made was I used World Market's Argentine Steak Rub instead of the tobacco seasoning, and I substituted more onion for the shallot because they didn't look good at the market. I went to the drive-in movie after dinner, and to keep away from temptation I needed a big dinner and I packed a snack---fresh, seasonal cherries and a lot of water (not pictured)!

I day down, 29 more to go...

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