Whole 30 Day 11

 For breakfast this morning, I chopped up one of my leftover mini hamburgers and mixed it into two scrambled eggs. I topped it with pico de gallo and had a little homemade applesauce on the side. Of course I had some black coffee to get me going. I had to have a good breakfast because, even though it was Sunday, I went to the field and worked all morning.

Because I worked so hard in the field I was so hungry! While I was out I had almost half a gallon of water. For lunch I ate a gigantic salad with more of the creamy dressing I made the day before. I made it with iceberg lettuce, tomato, and avocado. On the side I had the last of  my leftover sweet potato fries and two mini hamburgers. Because I'd worked so hard outside, I had some coconut water too. I tried Vita Coco coconut water before, but it had fruit juice mixed in. Because I'm avoiding juice during this Whole 30, I just had the plain coconut water and it tasted awesome! I think it might be my new favorite.

For dinner I made meatballs out of ground chicken thighs, which I hadn't tried before. The sauce I made was pretty good, but I found the meatballs to be sort of bland. If they'd been made with beef they'd have had more flavor. I may try them again, but add a lot more flavoring agents. I'm thinking about chopping the leftovers up and simmering them in the sauce for a while so they can absorb more flavor. I also had some green beans sauteed in olive oil with some onions and sprinkled with lime juice. I had some canary melon for dessert. You can see what the melon looked like whole in the second lunch picture. I hadn't had it before, but it was on sale for $0.87, so I thought it was worth a try!

 Have you tried any new produce this summer?

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