Whole 30 Day 13

Kind of having one of those days where I'm just clumsier than usual...which is a normal state for me, so today was pretty bad. It started a day ago when I got home to find my dishwasher had backed up through my garbage disposal and there was water all over the counter and floor. I was so tired I didn't even notice until I stepped into a puddle of water and thought "that's strange!" I cleaned it up and everything is fine, but since then I seem to be having more kitchen catastrophes than usual, like Tupperware avalanches, spilling things on myself, and this morning I went to take a picture of my breakfast and tried to move my coffee cup into the frame and spilled my coffee all over the plate, counter, and the floor. I think it may be a sign that I need a break because I have been working hard lately!

I had to be on campus this morning, and surprise, I didn't have eggs because I wanted to hurry. This picture was taken after I had to give myself a new plate because I spilled coffee on the first one. Boo. This is my first Whole 30 breakfast without eggs. I just had two mini burgers and some strawberries and blueberries. I added a couple dollops of homemade mayonnaise to the burgers after I took this picture.

I was on campus through lunch time today, so I walked to Freebirds and had a replicate salad from the one I had a few days ago (sorry, I had to repeat the photo because I didn't have my camera), and it was super delicious. I went over my justification that Freebirds in an ok choice during this challenge in my Day 9 post. One thing I observed as I was walking to get my lunch is that when I was eating a grain-based diet, hunger came on like a tidal wave. I went from feeling an average level of satiation to full-on ravenous very quickly, and if I didn't get food right away, I felt irritable and tired. Now hunger comes on gradually and in such a way that I can ignore it for maybe an hour or two, and by then I'm fully prepared to eat. It makes me wonder whether before Paleo my hunger hormones were really thrown off, but now after nearly a year of Paleo they have become regulated. Also I find it easier to stop eating before I get totally stuffed-to-the-brim full. I just don't feel the urge to eat until the point I am miserable, and as a matter of fact, I like how it feels to eat just until satisfaction and not until I'm completely full. Fitness magazines suggest you should eat to just the point of satisfaction, but I could never do that before. Now it's easy!

My friends invited me to dinner for Taco Tuesday, but I actually had lunch quite late, so I wasn't hungry. I just had some unsweetened iced tea and chatted. Actually, when I ordered just tea and the person taking my order repeated it back to me, she looked at me like I was the mayor of Crazytown or something because I just ordered a drink. If I'm not hungry, so why force myself to eat!?

I stopped at the store afterwards for more eggs because I eat so many...they're a cheap protein source. I also picked up a few more things, like lettuce, avocado, and passed by the fish section to check out the reduced price fish. If you're trying to eat healthy on the cheap, one thing I found is that fish closer to the expiration date will be marked down. Assuming the flesh looks nice and bright and is not flaking apart even though it's not cooked and also doesn't smell funky, you can get a really good deal on some expensive fish! I got a pound and a half of salmon cut into brochettes and skewered with peppers and onions for less than $9! Dinner tomorrow is going to be good!

After I got home I re-heated my chicken meatballs in marinara. I cut up the meatballs like I said I would because the chicken was a little bland and added some Italian seasoning blend and simmered them for a little while and they tasted perfect after that! I sauteed some zucchini noodles to mix in. Normally I use my mandolin, but I was so tired tonight I just chopped four zucchini by hand. I also snacked on some ants on a log later...this is a pic I posted already. I had about half that amount, plus a few chunks of canary melon. Between the zucchini noodles and this snack, I got to have some much-needed comfort food!

Looking forward to an early bedtime tonight so I can fire on all my cylinders tomorrow in the field and in lab!

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