Whole 30 Day 15

Halfway done! Only 15 more days left and I've made it through this Whole 30 challenge. I think challenge is an overstatement for me because I didn't really change my eating too much, but I did become more conscious of my eating, which is never a bad thing. However, I have been missing wine a lot lately. If you can't tell, I'm a viticulture researcher which means wine is my career. Despite that, I don't drink a lot, but I do enjoy an occasional glass. Now that it's summer it would be nice to have a cold glass of white wine in the evenings. Actually, I was doing some lab work and used some wine in an experiment, and when I opened the bottle the aroma alone made me crave a glass like none other. But I won't be drinking any for two more weeks!

For breakfast I kept it simple with two hard boiled eggs, half a large avocado, and some leftover sweet potato fries. No skillet to wash makes me happy.

Lunch was virtually the same as yesterday, except I had a hard boiled egg in place of the celery. I had some melon and the last of the leftover zoodles (zucchini noodles) with chicken ragu.

I did my workout in the late afternoon. I hadn't been to the gym this week because I've been working outside so much, so I thought I needed a rest. Also, I've been listening to my body, which has been tired the last couple of night, so I have gone to bed early the last two nights and skipped the gym. Today I woke up exceptionally refreshed, so I knew I could go back to the gym. I don't want to exercise in an exhausted state because I don't want to release excess stress hormones or tax my adrenals!

Dinner was more leftovers! The last salmon kebab that I made last night. I didn't heat it up, just let it sit at room temp while I prepared my salad and dressing, and I actually liked it better cold than hot like yesterday. It's the perfect way to enjoy it during the summer. I need to start buying more salmon, I think! I felt like I needed to bump up the veggies since I didn't have an extra side of them at lunch, so I made a butter lettuce salad. In pursuit of an interesting salad dressing...more than just oil and vinegar...I got out my good friend the immersion blender and some dried figs that I've been needing to experiment with and made a rich, sweet yet tangy balsamic vinaigrette. I loved the little seeds from the figs in the dressing because they pop when you bite them. I topped the salad with a handful of raw walnuts, which gave a nice bitter contrast to sweet-and-sour dressing, and some crunch against the delicate lettuce. There's a lot of possibilities with this dressing...

I used small figs, and I ended up eating one while I was doing the dishes : )

I'm deep into my summer research, so leftovers are really helping me! I barely had to wash any dishes today, thankfully!

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