Whole 30 Day 16

It's all downhill from here! I was so tempted to step on the scale this morning...I actually put my toe on it, but then I told myself I will ruin my moment of triumph if I peek at the scale now! I feel a little leaned out, especially my neck, shoulders, and chest---I can't wait to see what the next two weeks will do for me!

Today was a long, hot day in the field. I fueled up in the morning with two fried eggs, some leftover sweet potato fries, and a whole small avocado. I almost ate a third egg, and I wish I had because I got hungry a little earlier than I planned today.

Lunch was a bit small, now that I think of all the hard work I did. I had 2 mini burgers with mustard and half a pickle, a side salad with leftover Fig Balsamic Vinaigrette, and a cup of blueberries. I wish I had more leftover burgers to pack, but that was all there was. I probably had about half a gallon of water in the field.

By the time I got home in the late afternoon I was super hungry. I haven't been too snacky during this Whole 30, but today I really needed one. I had a little plate with some cherries, a hard boiled egg (thank you emergency protein!) and a little heart of celery rib with unsweetened almond butter. I am on an almond butter kick lately, and this one from nuts.com, that I finally cracked open (no pun intended) is really high-quality. I also drank about a quarter gallon of water.

Looks like an awkward smiley face...

Dinner was Freebirds, again. I had the same salad as the last two times, and no camera again, so here's the picture from the first time, if you need reminding what my salad looked like from Day 9.

Tonight is the drive-in movie! Taking my own unsweetened iced tea. No need to bring food, my salad tonight was even bigger than the one posted in the older picture!

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