Whole 30 Day 17

I got in from the drive in at 2 am last night. Normally I don't stay up that late...I try to be in bed by 10 pm because I work most days of the week...but it was nice to be out doing something fun. It was a double feature, and the first movie was Dixney-Pixar's Brave. I hadn't even seen the previews for that one because I don't watch a lot of tv, so I had no clue what it was about. I enjoyed it because it was a good escape from thinking about work. Also the plot wasn't too complicated, so it gave my brain a rest. That's one of the many reasons I like cartoons. The second one was Avengers, which took me way too long to see. I like comic book-based movies. Some of them don't have good plots, but I just like the fantasy aspect. Again, it's nice to escape from reality for a while! I thought it was pretty good.

Despite my late night, I was up pretty early, partly because I have always been an early riser, and partly because my normally quiet neighbor was being really loud. Nothing like hearing people talk through the wall right by your sleeping head to wake you up early!

For breakfast this morning I made a veggie scramble topped with pico de gallo, the last of the sweet potato fries, and half of a small avocado with my usual black coffee. It was pretty good, but I would like to switch up my breakfast to something else soon.

After breakfast, I decided to clean up my veggies in the fridge and made a big batch of coleslaw. I made homemade mayo for the slaw, but this time I tried the food processor because it was already out for shredding the vegetables. Honestly, my immersion blender makes mayonnaise so much better, so I think it would have been worth dirtying another piece of equipment. The mayo in the processor became emulsified, but not fluffy. It splattered on the lid and all over the sides, so I felt like it was a bit wasteful. Also because of the splattering, part of the mayo didn't get properly emulsified so the texture was a bit wet. At least I know now to stick with my reliable immersion blender!

I got a whole bunch more apples from the apple tree this week, so I froze the batch of applesauce I made previously (but not before I took 3 bites of it!) with the intention of making more to freeze for later on. Applesauce is great for baking or I can use it as a quick side dish, snack, or as part of breakfast.

Then, I got a call from my honey saying that his friend invited us to watch the France v. Spain soccer game, and I root for France so I went. I knew that there would be Persian food, yet I didn't know what it would be so I was sure to bring one thing I could put on my plate, which was another batch of Shirazi Salad using tomatoes I picked up from one of the greenhouses at work. I had some little round and little plum ones and two big purple heirloom ones. My boyfriend picked up a watermelon because he knew I could eat that. Therefore I knew I had two things going onto my plate already. To be truthful, going to people's houses for parties can be a little stressful if you are eating a special diet because you don't want to look different by not eating and also it may cause the host(ess) a fuss because I'm sure they will want to provide you something you can eat. There were some Paleo snacks, too...I nervously nibbled pistachios and dried plums during the game, but unfortunately my favorite lost. Looking on the bright side, the main course was totally Paleo and Whole 30, so I was in luck! The girl who made it even showed me how it was done, so I knew all the ingredients going in. It was a grilled eggplant, tomato, and egg dish. The name is complicated, so I just called it eggy eggplant, but it's really called Mirza Ghasemi. It had a lot of garlic in it, but surprisingly, it mellowed out a lot when it was cooked in the extra virgin olive oil and grated fresh tomato and seasoned with turmeric. The eggplants where charred whole on the coals of the bbq grill, and then the skin was peeled and the flesh was chopped and added to the tomato mixture. Then, beaten eggs were added. The texture was fluffy and the smoky flavor of the eggplant added an interesting element that I didn't expect. I skipped the pita bread and the cucumber yogurt side called mastva khiar, though if I weren't on Whole 30 I would have had some. After lunch, we cut the watermelon and I had several big chunks. It was amazingly juicy and had just enough sweetness. Unfortunately, I didn't get any lunch pictures, but to have an idea of what I had, I had about 1 cup of Mirza Ghasemi and about 1 1/2 cups Shrirazi Salad (I added a lot of chopped cilantro instead of the dried mint and a big dash of cumin!).

Shirazi Salad

Lunch was late, so I wasn't too hungry for dinner. While I was out picking up some fabric for a shirt I'm going to sew, I got some cage-free chicken legs and simply roasted them with Roasted Chicken Seasoning and had the coleslaw I made earlier on the side along with more leftover Shirazi Salad. While the chicken was cooking, I cut up some mangoes I got on sale at 3/$1. I ate a few chunks, but they were so sweet I didn't want to ruin my appetite so I stashed them in the fridge for later.

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