Whole 30 Day 18

I'm at the both the end and the start of two experiments, so all I have been doing is working lately. Therefore I'm a bit late on this post.

Every morning since starting Whole 30 I always wake up and look in the mirror to see if I look different. I have been beginning to notice how my clothes are fitting a little more loosely. Actually, I've been doing some sewing repairs to my summer clothes, and a shirt that I needed to take in 2 inches at the end of May now needs to be taken in 4 inches! I am anticipating my final results so badly!

Breakfast was really special today because I recently got some prosciutto to add more protein and flavor to my meals. I only had two eggs, so I cooked some finely diced vegetables to mix with the eggs. I cut two pieces of prosciutto in half and used them to wrap around the edges of four muffin cups, the I poured in the egg mixture and placed a few more shreds of prosciutto on top of the eggs. I ate all four muffins, but it really wasn't that much food because it was only 2 eggs and two pieces of ham with veggies. I also had some mango and blueberries on the side.

Lunch was simple: leftover cole slaw, a chicken leg, and a pickle. I had seconds on the chicken and cole slaw...


Dinner was pretty special because I made stuffed peppers. I hadn't made these in a long time. I made them with the help of a Persian recipe, adding cauliflower rice instead of regular rice. I prepared more cauliflower rice to go on the side. I just cooked it in the pan I cooked the meat in for less dishes, and I seasoned it with turmeric for a pretty color. This was a great meal, and things like stuffed peppers make awesome leftovers because they just taste better the longer they sit in the refrigerator!

Later on in the evening I wanted a snack, so I had a few ants on a long...celery with almond butter and raisins.

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