Whole 30 Day 19

This is going to be a busy week for me because I'm ending an experiment and starting another one. Today I went to my out of town site. Unfortunately, my breakfast wasn't enough for the level of work I was doing, and I got hungry early. I had two eggs scrambled with some peppers and onion. I cooked one and a half pounds of meat Sunday night, using half in my main course, so I could eat the remainder for quick meals. I added some of that to the scramble. I had what might be the most perfect kiwi on the side, along with my usual black coffee.

Sorry it's a little blurry
I packed a lot of stuff to take with me, but I only ended up eating a handful of almonds, the cole slaw, and the mango because it was just too hot to eat. I figured I would have lunch when I got home, but I got back to town and I ended up working a couple more hours. I was exhausted and super hungry. I had an intense, but momentary, craving for something sweet...I'm sure it's because I didn't eat enough to recover from the work. I came home (finally) and had a leftover stuffed pepper and cauliflower rice.

For dinner I mixed the leftover cooked ground beef with the last bit of homemade marinara sauce that I made last week. I had seconds of the meat, about the same amount as you see here. I also had a salad dressed with some Fig Balsamic Vinaigrette and a little shredded prosciutto that I crisped in a pan.

I went to campus to work in the evening, and on the way back I stopped and got a few more fruits and vegetables. I had a little baby watermelon when I got home, which was really refreshing.

I was never more ready to go to bed!

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