Whole 30 Day 20

When I woke up this morning I was so sore from all the work I had done the day before. It took a lot of effort to drag myself out of bed. I made a nice breakfast for myself of some more egg muffins. These ones are like Denver omelets because they have peppers, onions, and ham. I had some gorgeous raspberries and a kiwi on the side.

I had to go to campus in the afternoon, and though I packed my lunch, I ate it at home. I'd had a nectarine at work, which tied my hunger over so that I could enjoy my lunch while sitting on my couch instead of at my desk. For lunch I had my last stuffed pepper and cauliflower rice. I had some cole slaw on the side.

I went to campus to see my friend's final seminar as part of her dissertation defense, and of course she passed. Afterwards, I went home and had some much-needed coconut water. It was 105 degrees today! I basically sweated all day long because I was walking on campus. Afterwards, there was a party for her. Therefore, to make sure I wouldn't be too hungry and be tempted to indulge, I had 2 more egg muffins and some celery and almond butter along with my coconut water. It was a bigger snack than normal, but I had no idea what the dinner would be and I broke my "rule" because I didn't have anything prepared to take...I went to the party at the last minute. Luckily, there was a veggie tray with the tortilla chips with various dips, so I dipped some raw carrots, snow peas, and grape tomatoes in a little salsa. There was also roasted beets, grilled with olive oil and garlic, and I ate a piece of that and it was really good! I normally don't like beets; perhaps my tastes are changing. The food was grilled with olive oil and garlic and I could see in the bowl that it was olive oil, so I thought that the meal would be Whole 30 compliant. It's one of those cases where you can ask what is in things and then hope there's no other hidden ingredient. There's only so much you can do---in my opinion, Whole 30's not meant to make you go crazy, it's meant to help you understand that what you put in your mouth can either make you feel bad or good: the choice is up to you.

Well, I didn't get a wheat belly, so I think it was all safe! The veggies were actually my favorite part. I skipped the various sides like spinach dip with tortilla chips and mashed potatoes. On my plate is grilled steak, asparagus, peppers and onions, 1 chunk of chicken because my friend who was next in line doesn't eat beef so I saved the last bit for her,  more raw veggies (carrots and grape tomatoes) with some pico de gallo. I drank a lot of water and skipped the beer. My biggest tempt was that someone brought a big bottle of cava, a sparkling dessert wine. I was called in to open it because I'm the "wine expert" and I successfully opened it without bubbles spilling over! The aroma itself was intoxicating...it was good quality. I took a glass for the toast but drank water instead of the wine. It was really hard to pass it up. Even though I was called out for passing up on the "fun foods," I have big goals I want to accomplish!

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