Whole 30 Day 21

I can't believe I only have about week left of Whole 30! I forgot to post this the other day, but over the weekend I went and got a couple pairs of inexpensive shorts from Forever 21 because my shorts were looking so baggy that they looked terrible. A lot of their pants are sized by waist measurement. Well, I ended up getting shorts that had a waist measurement 3 inches smaller than the ones I was wearing at the beginning of Whole 30! They're super cute, too. I got these ones (and no, I'm not going to tuck my shirt in with these like the model did, that looks nerdy) and something like these ones, but not this exact pair.

I've been enjoying some fresh raspberries that were on sale at one of the grocery stores in town. I like to add a lot of variety to my fruits and vegetables, as you may be able to tell! I had the raspberries with another kiwi and the last three prosciutto egg muffins. Of course, I had my black coffee on the side!

My breakfast was a bit small for the level of work I was doing, so I was super hungry by the time I had lunch. My lunch was a bit small, too. I didn't have much leftover protein, so I only had a chicken leg along with the last of the coleslaw, a pickle, and some watermelon.

I got home mid-afternoon and I was quite hungry, so I had lunch part 2, with some canned tuna emergency protein. I mixed it with chopped celery, pickle, homemade mayo, and mustard, and poured it onto butter lettuce and a whole sliced tomato. I sprinkled chopped almonds on top for crunch. This was really good yet simple! It was the extra burst of nutrients I needed to get through a workout. I've been working really hard lately and all the demands on  me can be stressful....I find lifting heavy things helps a lot with that!

Dinner was more fish, this time tilapia. I browned it in a big skillet and made pico de gallo to stir-fry in the pan drippings. It reminded me of a Brazilian fish dish I had years ago. This is one to make for people who don't like fish! I also roasted some cubed sweet potatoes with cinnamon, cumin, paprika, salt, pepper, and coconut oil. To further experiment, I roasted some shredded cabbage because my big pan was being used for the fish. I tossed the cabbage with slivered onions, coconut oil, salt, pepper, and dried chives for extra onion-y goodness. The cabbage became a little roasted on the edges, and the rest became sweet as it roasted. This is a delicious and affordable side dish! My dinner plate had a lot going on...I actually couldn't finish it all!

Even though my diet is limited right now, I don't think my meals look restricted at all! I have a lot of variety!

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