Whole 30 Day 22

Today was another long day at work. I ended one of my summer experiments, so that's a huge relief. I planned a social for the grad students in my department, so I got off work a little later than planned then rushed home and got ready as fast as I could. I made it just on time, managed to avoid temptation, and overall had a great eating day!

My breakfast was pretty much the standard: just 3 plain scrambled eggs, some leftover cabbage (surprisingly good in the morning!) and some raspberries with black coffee.

Lunch was a full course of leftovers from the night before: pico de gallo tilapia, roasted cabbage, and roasted sweet potatoes. I had two nectarines because I find fruit cools me off nicely midday.

As I said before, I had a social in the evening. I had every intention of eating a snack beforehand to stave off my hunger, but the best I could do was half a pickle. I had already perused the menu beforehand, and pretty much everything had cheese or was cooked in questionable oils. I intended it to be just happy hour, but the bar was packed and folks also wanted dinner, so we got a table. I was quite hungry but I ordered my pre-decided water with extra lemon. I chugged down three glasses easily (one of which I "stole" from the person next to me who was drinking a beer...they didn't notice) but the waiter was slow to fill my glass...I could have happily had more after a hot day like we had. I was quite hungry, so I saw on the menu a side salad. I asked what was in it, then requested no cheese and no fried wonton strips, which left me with iceberg lettuce, cucumber, and tomato. The dressing was just lemon and olive oil, but for some reason this simple salad tasted so good! I never would have liked something like this so much before Whole 30. I always liked lots of stuff in my salad like chicken and eggs, but now plain old veggies and a little lemon juice and oil taste wonderful to me. I also skipped the homemade honey wheat rolls and butter...they smelled awesome, but I admired from a distance : )

When I got home I had a real dinner of everything I had for lunch today: tilapia, sweet potatoes, and cabbage. I followed it with a cup of decaf green tea.

I had a lot of food repeats today, but at least I didn't have to cook much! Easy!

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