Whole 30 Day 23

I thought I was feeling good around Day 10 or so, but now I feel as if I have rocket fuel in me. Yeah, work makes me tired, but not weary and like I "can't go on!" It's a good kind of tired, the kind that lets you know you put in your all. The fact that I'm able to put in a full day and still get to the gym a few days a week for a really hard workout is even more remarkable.

This morning I had a big breakfast to make sure I could keep going for hours because I had a lot of stuff to work on today. I made a veggie scramble with three eggs, spinach, and peppers. I also had the last of the leftover roasted sweet potatoes and the last of my fresh raspberries.

Lunch consisted of the last of the pico de gallo tilapia and a big salad with butter lettuce, and little piece of leftover avocado (my last one!), red peppers, and walnuts with Fig Balsamic Vinaigrette. I also had a nectarine to help cool me off.

I left work early to run an errand for work! Afterwards, I had some celery and almond butter to keep me from getting too hungry during my workout. I have been focusing on trying to lift heavier for my upper body. For my lower body, I've recently had physical therapy for my knees, so I am focusing on maintaining what I did in my sessions plus a little more challenge. I do the Lifecycle as a leg workout plus cardio, and I really love it. In April, I was only able to do level 1, now I do level 6 then pump it up to 7 for the last 2 min for an extra challenge.

Dinner was a bit later than normal because I was at the gym for a long time. Therefore, I was super hungry! On my plate is a burger with pickles, tomato, and homemade mayo, sweet potato fries, and salad dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. I had seconds on the sweet potatoes and burger and thirds (or perhaps fourths, depending on who is counting) of the salad. This was a particularly delicious dinner; it really hit the spot and was everything I need to recover not just from my workout but from my entire busy week!

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