Whole 30 Day 3

Hooray for leftovers! They make life so easy, especially if nearly everything you prepare is from scratch. I had the leftover sweet potatoes from last night's dinner for breakfast along with 2 soft boiled eggs and I whipped up some homemade turkey sausage from some ground turkey meat. It was a big breakfast so I would have energy for my Saturday errands of taking my recycling in and grocery shopping and also for any tidying up I needed to do in my apartment.

On my way home from grocery shopping, I had a nectarine because I was getting hungry, but that sustained me for a while so my lunch was late. Leftovers to the rescue again! Leftover surf and turf beef with balsamic mushrooms (the last of it) half of my leftover shrimp, and some roasted broccoli. I had gotten some raw cashews at the store with the intention of finding some recipe online about how to roast them. I love roasted cashews, but find raw ones to be mealy. I tried a Youtube recipe, where you boil the raw cashews in salted water for a few minutes before drying them off and roasting them for an hour. The final product is not too salty, despite all the salt that was in the boiling water. Plus, they were really crispy and smelled like movie theater popcorn while baking, and tasted sort of like a Ritz cracker! I snacked on a few of them later in the afternoon, plus had a kiwi fruit.

The ones on the left are roasted, the ones on the right are raw

My snack held me over for a long time, so I went out shopping and actually ate a good meal out! I went to Jason's Deli...I had been there a lot of times and had their salad bar so I knew I could go there and be Whole 30 compliant. If you check out their website they're really forthcoming about mentioning potential allergens in their food, and they strive to offer lots of gluten-free options. I had two big salads but it felt like I had never been so excited to eat salad in my life! They tasted so good to me, even though I didn't have a special dressing, only oil and vinegar, which I have been trying to get used to because that's what I can have when eating out since most commercial dressings have crappy oils and sweeteners.

The first and second salads were virtually the same: romaine, baby greens, cauliflower, green and kalamata olives (though I couldn't finish the olives on the second bowl because they tasted a lot saltier than in the first bowl...I think I picked up a lot of brine the second time), mushrooms, grape tomatoes, artichoke hearts (in water), dry roasted almonds (never had those at this place before, but they added a nice crunch and a little protein), bell peppers, and a hard boiled egg. My boyfriend ordered a side of grilled chicken breast, and on the menu it was listed "natural grilled chicken breast". I was skeptical...many restaurants seem to be using formed/pressed chicken breast and it's not real chicken. However I was pleasantly surprised to find it was real pieces of chicken breast! They didn't seem slicked with oil or seasonings or cornstarch goo like some restaurants, so I thought it would be fine to eat for Whole 30. He shared half his order with me, so thanks to him I had some protein. For dressing I had organic Colavita balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil and some black pepper. On the first salad I had some cold pack-style dill pickles, but on the second I had apple slices for dessert. 

It was a great Whole 30 day for me. After these big salads it was like I was pumped with rocket fuel and did a lot of car dancing along with the radio. This day goes to show that you can eat a great meal out if you just prepare and have an idea about what the menu holds. Besides, as my mom says, it's not about what's on your plate, it's about who you're eating with. So, have a nice salad and focus on your dinner companions!

3 down, 27 to go...

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