Whole 30 Day 4

Whole 30 Day 4! Popped out of bed like a daisy today! We had been having some cloudy weather in West Texas (really unusual) and yesterday was finally sunny and I soaked it up like a solar panel! Today was sunny too and that is a real mood booster for me. It's compounded with awesome salads I ate last night. I must have had some carry over from that meal because I was not hungry at all for breakfast. I actually started sauteing vegetables for an omelet and I thought "wait a minute, I know it's 'breakfast time' but I'm really not that hungry." So I didn't eat breakfast until nearly "lunch time." I think convention drives us to eat around certain established times, but I have noticed with Paleo, I really don't want to eat around those times. I like a late breakfast which makes the rest of my meals later, but I don't snack as much as I used to when I at a low-fat, high-carb, grain-based diet. I remember one time at work I was going to re-heat a pork chop around 10:30 am and someone said "isn't it a bit early for lunch?"...except it was my breakfast!

So today I had a couple cups of black coffee while I entered some excel data and waited for my appetite to come. Mid-morning I had a sausage, spinach, green onion, and mushroom scramble with 5 little strawberries sliced on the side. I made the scramble by cooking 3/4 cup chopped mushrooms with a sliced scallion in a little extra virgin olive oil on heat a little less than medium. I took the veggies from the pan, browned about 2 oz of turkey sausage, then returned the cooked vegetables and about 3/4 cup of chopped spinach to the pan and cooked them until the spinach wilted. I added 2 free-range eggs and scrambled everything together with some black pepper too. Very yummy!

Before and after breakfast I worked on some Excel data and listened to some Robb Wolf podcasts, which are always interesting to me. After that I realized I needed to go out to my field site and check on my grapevines, so I ate a handful of the dry roasted cashews I made yesterday to hold my hunger over and went to the field. It was sweltering hot, but luckily I was only out there an hour. Usually on days where I work outdoors, I have some 100% pure coconut water with no added sugar or preservatives. Knowing that I would also be working out later, I opened a can, however, and surprisingly, I found it to be too sweet for my taste! After 4 sips I decanted it into a glass jar for tomorrow, when I know I will be working hard and will need the electrolytes and have earned them. I had checked out on the Whole 30 site about coconut water, and to paraphrase the information I found, they don't see anything wrong with re-hydrating with coconut water for doing something strenuous over a long period of time, like running a race, but for doing one Crossfit workout of the day, they don't see why you would need anything more than water. That's pretty much my regimen anyway...it I work outdoors in nearly 100 degree heat for about 5 hours, I think I need the coconut water. If it's just a workout and I have been working on the computer all day, then I don't think I earned the coconut water and will stick with regular water. I can tell a difference in my work ability in the vineyard if I don't have my coconut water midday, and honestly, I don't feel like eating a lot under that heat so coconut water is the perfect fix for me!

I ate another surf and turf lunch with the last leftover shrimp skewer and 2 mini burgers, about 1/4 lb pre-cooking weight. I also had some veggies on the side to go with the burgers---mixed baby lettuce, half an avocado, some mustard (no sugar, no white wine) smeared on top, and half a cold-pack dill pickle. I had some sparkling mineral water to go with the meal, which was really refreshing. I remember when I first started drinking sparkling mineral water I thought it was bland, but now I can taste the actual sweetness of the purified water...I can even taste the sweetness in regular purified water now, which is really weird to me.

Just scallions, kosher salt, and pepper, cooked in a dry pan. Simple but so good!

For dinner I was super hungry because of my workout and because my lunch was a little small, and I made a Whole 30-compliant Spicy Thai Basil Beef with cauliflower rice on the side that was pretty amazing, if I do say so myself! I served it with some cauliflower rice and it was a super filling and satisfying meal. One comment I want to make is that, I know we're not supposed to eat beans on Whole 30, but on their website they say it's ok to eat things like green beans and snow peas because they're more pod than they are bean. That's a good thing because I love green beans, and these were fresh and tender! So good. I didn't even miss the palm sugar that traditionally goes in basil beef! More importantly I took the plunge and tried coconut aminos for the first time in place of soy sauce, and I was pleasantly surprised that it reminded me of cream sherry!

I had a small nectarine for dessert and later some mint tea to soothe me to sleep.

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