Whole 30 Day 5

Yesterday I felt good, but today I feel really great! As I look back, I realize I felt a little lethargic my first 3 days of Whole 30 and I'm quite sure if it was the diet change...not a lot was changing except no butter, yogurt, honey, or maple syrup...or if it was the unusual stint of cloudy weather, but whatever it was I am over it. Actually while I was eating breakfast today I thought to myself that this is the way I should be eating every day, except for a treat on Friday and/or Saturday night...something small, like some cheese, wine, dark chocolate, or sweet potato chips. I can see myself continuing to eat this way even after my 30 days are up because I feel good, plus by then it will be a habit.

I think another reason I am in a chipper mood is because my usual work shorts are already sagging at my waist...that'll make anyone's day!

I had a good breakfast of 3 oz of turkey sausage with a cup of spinach and 2 scrambled eggs, all mixed together. I had 3 strawberries and a handful of cherries. Honestly, for how strenuous my field work was, this was not enough food, no matter how tasty it was. I was hungry...real, grumbly tumbly hungry...by 10:30.

Then, as much as I thought my lunch was enough, I was still hungry after it. What I had was a serving of leftover cauliflower rice and Thai Basil Beef along with mixed fresh berries sprinkled with unsweetened dried coconut flakes (delicious!). I didn't finish my coconut water because this new brand I tried was way too sweet for me. It tasted like marshmallow juice. I definitely prefer the Tetrapak style coconut water to the kind in a can. I don't know why it tastes different, but it does. I actually added a half part of water to the coconut water, then it tasted really nice. I won't buy that brand again, however. I'm going to try some other Tetrapak kinds, but O.N.E. is still my favorite. I worked outdoors for 5 hours, except for a half hour lunch break. During that time I drank over half a gallon of water and probably sweated that much out!


After I got home in the afternoon, I had another bowl of stir-fry and cauliflower rice and a handful of the dry roasted cashews I made over the weekend, and I finally felt satisfied, but not completely full. Despite feeling hungry, I kept my mood up, which is really surprising for even me! While I home I entered data into Excel and also during that time I hard boiled some eggs and made some vinaigrette for the week, all while having a cup of my favorite loose leaf jasmine green tea. Even though I worked hard outdoors all morning and early afternoon, I still had the energy to go to the gym and do my usual routine.

Dinner was simple but tasty...roasted dark meat chicken quarters with my Roasted Chicken Seasoning blend. I also steamed some green beans alongside, and had leftover roasted broccoli. I ended up eating another chicken leg after, and had a nectarine for dessert. By the end of dinner, my water count was up to a gallon for the day between working outside, my workout, and what I  had with meals. I think I exerted myself a lot today!

What this day taught me is that there can be a huge dispersion between how much I need to eat on non-active days and how much I need when I'm really active. Tomorrow, I'm going to eat a bigger breakfast and take plenty of lunch.

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