Whole 30 Day 6

As I learned yesterday, I needed a bit more substantial eating today in order to get through my field work. I had a nice breakfast that was also easy to prepare this morning thanks to the fact that I hard boiled some eggs last night. I cooked up more turkey sausage and topped my mixed berries with unsweetened coconut. I also had an avocado on the side and 2 cups of black coffee. I was satisfied me all the way to lunch (success!).

For lunch I packed a bit more food than yesterday, but because I only worked outside 2.5 hours I didn't need to eat all of it. Today I planned to try a new coconut water, but because I didn't sweat a lot I didn't feel like I needed it; water satisfied my thirst. It was actually a bit cool here because a storm is rolling in, but even after several days of rain last week the wind still kicked up the dust, making me feel like sandpaper! For lunch I had the last of the leftover Spicy Thai Basil Beef and cauliflower rice, mixed berries with coconut, but skipped the salad to have for later because the rest of the food made me feel satisfied.

With my big water jug in the picture too

In the afternoon I had a handful of the dry roasted cashews I made over the weekend (conveniently, one of my handfuls is exactly equal to a quarter cup) along with a grande China green tips tea from Starbucks. I had these while I entered some Excel data. After that, I went across the street to Sprouts and pick up some treats for my dad for Father's Day. I haven't had many cravings or temptation yet during this Whole 30---I've thought about how good some chocolate would be---but I haven't given in. However, opening those bulk bins to check out some of the treats really triggered a big craving. It also made me think of how much I wanted some cheese, too. I didn't give in at all, but was it ever difficult! That's why this period of time is good for me because it will teach me some willpower. I have to remember my goals of health and how if I ate some of those things they would make me really feel terrible because they have gluten in them.

By the time I left the store I was hungry for dinner and had my mind on those tempting foods, but I came home and had a big salad instead. The salad was part of the salad I didn't eat for lunch, plus more mixed greens, purple cabbage, half of an avocado, some chopped almonds, and the meat of the leftover chicken from last night. I put the dressing I made yesterday on the salad too. I didn't workout today because I did yesterday and had two days where I worked hard outside. My back muscles were really sore so I thought a rest day was in order.

What I realized today is that if I can resist temptation now, I can resist it in the future! I just have to keep my goals in mind. I've got to ask myself "how much do I want to be healthy?"

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