Whole 30 Day 7

This morning for breakfast I finished off the lasts of the turkey sausage along with two over easy eggs cooked in extra virgin olive oil. I know the idea of eggs nearly every morning can be boring, but if you practice lots of different ways to prepare them it keeps your breakfasts from seeming monotonous. I also had two kiwi fruits because they were starting to look sort of dessicated. I sprinkled them with unsweetened dried coconut, which was a good combination. Not as good as blackberries and coconut, but still really good.

Last night I came to the realization that I ate all the leftover protein I had, so I basically had nothing to pack for lunch the next day. That only reinforces why leftovers are so great when you're trying to eat right. Luckily I like to keep emergency cans of tuna for just this reason. I like this StarKist Selects because it has minimal ingredients yet tastes really good. I'm pretty sure the can isn't line with plastic either...I think it's all steel, so there's no worry about BPA in that case. The label doesn't mention a BPA-free can, so I'm not 100% sure on this.

This is a lower sodium tuna that has minimal ingredients and tastes really good

You still have to read the ingredients...some tuna uses vegetable broth that contains soy
I didn't pack my lunch today because I didn't anticipate staying in the field very long because we had a lot of rain and therefore it would be too muddy to get out today. I was correct and we actually had even more rain in that area than the rest of town! I worked on lab methods for tomorrow, because I predict it will still be muddy out there. Therefore, with no field work today I definitely need to go to the gym. I had a handful of cashews and a nectarine to hold me over until lunch. I made a quick veggie stir-fry with leftover steamed green beans and other veggies. I can't say this was the most creative lunch, but it did the job. 

I ran an errand this afternoon, and after I had half a green apple, then went to the gym. I worked really hard and was ready for dinner by the time I was done! I had thawed some cage-free chicken breasts, and I turned them into chicken fingers with a recipe from the blog Fit Moms and Full Plates via The Paleo Mom. They were pretty good, but not crunchy at all. I think they have potential, but I need to switch up the seasonings to suit my taste. I'm thinking onion powder, garlic powder, and some herbs. I also had a salad. I'm starting to get tired of plain oil and vinegar on my salads. I'd like to find some good sweetener-free dressings.

This day reinforced why leftovers are so great if you are eating a healthy diet and are also very busy. It also showed how important it is to keep emergency protein on hand!

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