Whole 30 Day 8

I'm getting to the bottom of the barrel in both fruits and vegetables now. I need to re-stock my produce again. I was actually lamenting to my boyfriend that I only had 1 egg left and I didn't know what I was going to do about breakfast, and my knight in shining armor showed up at the door this morning with a carton of eggs, omega-3 eggs, no less, to make sure I could keep going on my 30 days. My hero! I had some grass-fed hamburger thawed in the fridge so I made 2 mini burgers and 2 eggs along with my last kiwi and the last of a few strawberries that looked like they'd seen better days. I topped the fruit with unsweetened coconut flakes, as is becoming my habit.

For lunch I packed about 1 1/2 chicken breasts worth of chicken fingers that I made last night along with more leftover steamed green beans. I packed mixed berries with more coconut and a handful of the dry roasted cashews I made over the weekend. Now you can see what I mean by handful...it's literally a quarter cup. I don't try to jam as many cashews as I can in my hand and call that a handful. My workout was tough last night...I really went to a lot of effort...and while I don't plan to workout today or go out in the field, I felt that I needed a coconut water to recover. I finally tried the Naked 100% coconut water and I really loved it because it was barely sweet and the coconut flavor was subtle. It's made with Brazilian green coconuts, and you can kind of taste the greenness of them along with a subtle caramel flavor. Nothing like the nasty marshmallow juice from the previous brand I tried.

I had the rest of the chicken tenders when I got home in the afternoon as a snack and because I made homemade mayonnaise. I had asked folks on the Chow Bella Facebook page what their favorite dressings without sweeteners were, and I got some comments about making mayo. I love making mayo in my immersion blender...it really is the best tool for the job. I used Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint recipe, which is pretty good. I prefer fresh lemon juice to vinegar because I like the freshness of the lemon. I also made some applesauce in my crockpot. The apples I used I picked from a tree that grows in a horticulture garden near my gym. I don't usually park near that tree, but when I did the other day I noticed there were a bunch of little green apples on the ground, so on my way back home I used my shirt as a basket and picked up about 20, which ended up to be nearly 3 lbs, so they were quite small! I also had 2 mangy-looking Gala apples to add to the mix, which made 3 lbs. I added them to the slow cooker with a couple of cups of water, 6 dates for sweetness because they were really tart, and a cinnamon stick. I cooked them on high for 4 hours, removed the cinnamon stick, then blended them with my immersion blender with a little more ground cinnamon. I didn't even bother to peel the apples because the peels were so tender and unwaxed. The final product was so creamy! I ate a few spoonfuls of it as I was packing it away. I ended up with over 4 cups of applesauce that cost next to nothing...all I had to do was take the effort to pick up some apples off the ground!



For dinner I wanted something really satisfying, and I remembered a recipe for sweet potato fries with chili on top from PaleOMG, so I stopped by the store to get the few ingredients I was missing and made it. It was amazing and really satisfying. I made a couple of alterations: I didn't have vegetable broth and the ones in the store had MSG and sugar in them, so I just used 14 oz of crushed tomatoes and a cup of water and it turned out to be a nice, thick chili. I know it might seem weird to want to eat something so filling and hot in the summer, but I was getting really tired of salad and wanted something different. I topped it with a little bit of avocado and it was a great dinner.


I'm looking forward to my leftovers. 22 days left!

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