Whole 30 Day 9

I have to confess, I cheated on the Whole 30....in my dreams.

Last night I dreamed that I had a big plate of steamed vegetables....green beans, corn on the cob, carrots (only in my dreams would I ever eat steamed carrots....gag!) but I had a big butter knife and I was heavily buttering the vegetables and watching it melt. Then I took a big bite of the green beans and realized I ruined my Whole 30. I don't know what's more disturbing....the fact that of all the foods I could dream about, I dreamed of a platter of steamed vegetables or the fact that I dreamed about Whole 30. I didn't eat that much dairy before....I was weaning myself off to maybe 2 or 3 servings a week....but I miss it a lot! I'd like some butter for my green beans and I was thinking how nice it would have been to have some cottage cheese with my melon at lunch time. I think it's harder to go without cheese than bread for me, probably because I have adverse reactions with bread, but not cheese, as far as I can tell.

Today I had to be on campus in the morning instead of going straight to the field because I wanted to watch my boyfriend defend his master's thesis, and of course he passed! So, I had a quick breakfast of 2 over easy eggs, some of the leftover sweet potato fries from last night, and a couple of tablespoons of my homemade applesauce, which was so creamy and sweet-tart. I had black coffee too, as usual.

I got hungry for lunch a little earlier than normal, which is not surprising because I didn't eat a lot of protein this morning. Because I'd already had sweet potatoes in the morning, I skipped them when I ate my chili. Instead I topped it with the leftover three-quarters of the avocado from last night. I also had some fresh honeydew melon. I love seasonal fruits! I also had some cashews mid-afternoon with a couple of cups of jasmine green tea.

Dinner was a bit of a treat to celebrate the latest Master of Science. We went to one of our favorite places, Freebirds. I got my usual salad, however I have to admit that normally I do add cheese and their ancho chili vinaigrette to my salad, but I skipped those this time. I don't eat out a lot, and normally I eat about 80/20 Paleo...80% totally Paleo, 20% treats and modern food concessions, such a little bit of dark chocolate, good-quality cheese, wine, and the occasional mistake in reading a food label. I was actually feeling anxious about eating out because I'm trying to be so strict with this Whole 30, but then I read an article from the Whole 30 site written by a woman who decided to cut her month short because she became too obsessive with it, such as worry about mayo cross-contaminating her spinach from the salad bar at Whole Foods. I realized there's only "so much" a person can do to be totally adherent...I think you can be too dogmatic about the tiny details, to paraphrase what she mentioned, and that can make you crazy! I think the overall point of Whole 30 is to get people to realize what they're putting in their mouths and how that effects their bodies over time. I was already eating Paleo and didn't have to buy anything special for these 30 days...I just didn't buy any good cheese and Greek yogurt, but that was really it! I love Freebirds and have eaten there many, many times, have never had a wheat belly from any ingredient in their salads. I checked their online menu and their meat (grass-fed beef!) sounded totally compliant to me. I went, enjoyed my salad, and didn't hem and haw all night about what I ate. That's what life as a healthy eater is supposed to be like...do the absolute best you can, and don't waste any time negatively talking to yourself about how you should or shouldn't have eaten what you just did. If all the choices you just made before were Paleo, then you're good to go!

Anyway, I loved my salad! I "totally noshed," as my mom would say. I asked for extra of both spring mix and iceburg lettuces because I wasn't going to get rice and beans, skipped the cheese, added chopped steak, pico de gallo, salsa, chopped tomatoes, grilled vegetables, extra cilantro, poblano salsa, salsa verde, and some of their kick a** guacamole. I had never just used their salsa for dressings, but they were completely satisfying. This will probably be my regular order from now on instead of my extras that were part of my 20% category...which, to me, is also what Whole 30 is about. Without this challenge, I might not have tried this exact combination of salad. Now I can have something totally Paleo out to eat!

I think that of all the Whole 30 days, I felt the best of all of them today....like there was an extra spring in my step. I felt this way until I went out into the oppressive heat this afternoon, which really zapped my energy. I also notice that when I don't eat a lot of fat, like on Day 7, I get a little more tired. But if I regularly include extra coconut or avocado, it helps keep me going.

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