PaleoPax Monthly Tasting Box 2

I got my first PaleoPax box in May, and then I received my second in late June. I was even more pleased with this second installment compared to the first because it seemed like there was a good variety of snacks and several were from sources I had never heard of.

The snacks I received were: 2 caveman cookies (alpine and rainforest flavors), 1 3.25 oz can of Crown Prince naturally-smoked black pepper kippers (and a $0.50-off coupon), 1 2-oz package of Nutcase Crunch cereal, 1 32 g Brazil Nut Sprout Bar, and 1 1.9-oz Pumpkin Date Rawma Bar.


I haven't tried everything in the box yet because some items contain honey, which I can't have on Whole 30. I didn't try the fruit bars yet because, though they have no honey in them, they have a large amount of dried fruit in them and I don't want them to encourage cravings. I will wait until Whole 30 is done to enjoy them! I plan to enjoy the grain-free cereal on some full-fat Greek yogurt with berries as soon as I'm done with the challenge as well...that's going to be a delicious treat I'm sure! I did get over my fears about the kippers. I was intrigued but a little apprehensive. They've sat in my pantry for nearly two weeks now. However, I wanted some emergency protein with my pre-workout snack today, so I calloused up and cracked open the can. Was it a gastronomical revelation? Not really. Were they terrible? Hardly. I found them to be pretty good...good enough for emergency protein, but not a primary protein source. On their own they were a little bland despite the smoke flavor and pepper, but I bet mixed into a salad they would be quite good.

I will report on the other snacks as soon as I try them!

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