Whole 30 Day 25

Today was a fun day because my university's graduate student council hosted a 2012 Euro Soccer party for the final match between Italy and Spain. I've been a fan of Italy for a really long time, so of course I wanted to go. Therefore my whole morning was planned around going to the match.

I had a simple breakfast of leftover fruit salad and three scrambled eggs. Plus coffee...always assume there's a coffee cup that nearly got into the frame but was forgotten.

Then I went to town to try and find a material for an experiment I need to do. I also got a new sun hat. I only paid $9.99 for it at Sprouts market. It's purpose is to shade me when I'm out in the field. I got one a long time ago but it likes to blow away if it gets too windy.

After that it was time for soccer. I knew there would be snacks and that I probably wouldn't be able to have them, and I was right. There were mozzarella sticks, hot wings, chicken quesadillas, and bottlecaps, which are breaded and fried jalapeno slices. Of course there was ranch galore for this stuff. I only had water. Then at halftime, I went down the block to Freebirds and got a snack. I went over a while ago why I think Freebirds is ok for Whole 30. I got a cup of carnitas, which I'd never had and it was awesome, and some guacamole. Good fat and protein were what I needed. To tell the truth, I ought to have had more food, but I was limited on time. My total bill, with water to drink, was only $3.01, which is cheap considering how nutritionally-dense my mini meal was. I could have gotten a bottle of soda and a small bag of chips from a gas station for that much, but a snack like that is essentially devoid of nutrition.

Unfortunately, my team, Italy, did not win. I have faith for the future though : )

By the time the game was over, I was overly hungry. I should have eaten more during the day. I went to Market Street, a slightly upscale market, and made a huge salad at the salad bar. I had a little fruit salad, which was a mixture of two different salads, plus smoked turkey that they make in-house. My salad was romaine, carrots, yellow cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, kalamata olives, and water-packed artichoke hearts. I drizzled balsamic vinegar and a lot of olive oil on the meat and salad because I needed some calories. I also added some sliced almonds on top for crunch. I gobbled the whole thing down!

For dinner, I had some pork chops marinating in the refrigerator since Friday night, so they were good and saturated with flavor. I used one of my favorite recipes from the Food Lovers' Primal PalateMake it Paleo cookbook, which is a Smoky Lime Marinade. It's different from your standard citrus or vinegar and oil marinade because it has smoky spices, plus the lime adds a nice bright backdrop. I had it with roasted cauliflower that were seasoned with parsley and chives, and some sweet potato fries that I seasoned with the same seasonings as the pork, cumin and chili powder. It was a delicious meal.

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