Whole 30 Day 26

It's almost been a year since starting Paleo, but for some reason it took me way too long to start incorporating dinner leftovers into breakfast. I've seen people on other Paleo blogs include leftover veggies, but for some reason I didn't think I could stomach it. Also, my leftovers typically went to my lunch, not breakfast. Well, fast forward to Whole 30 Day 26 and I'm eating lots of veggies mixed in my eggs and even sides of them leftover from dinner. Today I did a complete leftovers breakfast with a little pork, some roasted cauliflower, and a ripe, juicy peach for color. I can't get enough of these seasonal fruits, and while I try to focus on vegetables, which have less sugar, I still like to include my fruits, which also provide some nutrients, too.

Lunch consisted again of a full course of last night's leftovers:

I should have packed a bit more, because I got hungry mid-afternoon. I was home by then and had some raw carrots with almond butter and some jasmine green tea.

While I ate my snack, I made some hard boiled eggs for some emergency protein over the next few days too. I cut the carton in half so I could distinguish them from un-cooked eggs.

 I felt the need for some protein, so I got over my apprehension to eat the kippers from my June PaleoPax.

Oh geez...doesn't that look yummy.....
Here we go....

They weren't an utter delight, but they weren't heinously bad, either. If I were desperate, I would have them as emergency protein, but I think they'd be a lot better if they weren't alone----mixed in a salad or in fish cakes, they would be much better.

After my weird carrot and herring snack, it was gym time! Though I know it's a confounding variable during this time to go to the gym and increase my work effort, I have been pushing really hard this 30 days and didn't want to slack off or maintain my routine at all! I'm working to lift heavier and strengthen my legs, and lately I've been increasing the weights by leaps and bounds. Considering I was doing everything with 5 or 8 lb weights at the start of Whole 30 and tonight I was able to lift a 25 lb barbell and do 30 lbs on one other exercise (yay!), I would say I'm doing well. Also, because of my knee trouble, the best form of cardio I can do right now is the stationary recumbent bike. In January I was only able to do level 1, now I do level 6 and 7 intervals, with level 7 at the end for a final push. I actually think it's mostly a mental trick...I don't think I can lift the heavy weights, and therefore I can't. Now I at least try them and attempt to get into a positive mindset. Like last time, I was able to lift 18 lbs, so tonight I should be able to lift 20 lbs!

I know after a workout I should have a "recovery meal," but I just wasn't hungry so I wasn't going to force myself to eat. Even though I had a peach in the morning, I had another one when my appetite perked up because it sounded perfect to me---not so much a craving, but it seemed like the right amount of food I wanted in my belly. It's not a scientific choice, I just listened to my body, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that : )

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