Whole 30 Day 28

Happy 4th of July! I'm actually thankful to be doing Whole 30 during the holiday because it will keep me from succumbing to too many treats and cheats.

This morning I made a big breakfast. I guess I was excited by the 4th so much I wanted burgers in the morning! Truthfully, I had gotten some grass-fed ground beef out of the freezer to make zucchini spaghetti and meatballs, but I never got to it last night, so I just made some mini burgers to go with breakfast. I seasoned them with World Market Argentine Steak Rub, dried sage, lots of black pepper, and some dried minced onion. I had three mini burgers with two small tomatoes.  I also had two eggs that were supposed to be over easy, but one of the yolks was much smaller than the other (one of the hazards of using cage-free eggs is that there is a bit more diversity between egg sizes) so that yolk was nearly solid, and the larger yolk was nice and soft. Oh well. I also had a small pile of grapes and my usual black coffee.

After breakfast, I went to the local 4th of July street fair. I saw a few cool sites, like this John Deere ice cream maker, and I was surprised by how busy the fair was.

I contented myself with the idea that it was unlikely there would be anything I could have to eat for lunch...then I saw the turkey legs. There was a guy grilling over two smokers (by smokers I mean smoker boxes, not cigarette smokers) and I asked him what kind of seasonings he used. I figured there was going to be sugar and spices all over. Then he said he just used smoke, that's all. This was totally Whole 30! I was so happy! I got a big old leg of turkey to gnaw on while sitting under a tree by the curb; you never saw such a happy cavegirl in your life! Between my boyfriend and I, we couldn't finish it all, so I wrapped it back in the foil and some napkins and stowed it in my purse when we left. You know you eat Paleo if: you have a partially-eaten turkey leg in your purse!

I finished my lunch when I got home by having some fresh cherries. I'm re-using this photo from an earlier Whole 30 meal because this one cherry looked like a cute heart.

Before the 4th of July celebration, I had a little snack from my last PaleoPax, the Brazil Nut Sprout Bar. It was really good! It had more nuts than a Larabar, so it was really firm and not too sweet. I would buy this again for sure, because it's hard to find Paleo-compliant bars.

Our 4th of July party was really fun.We went out of town to a friend's house, and her dad grilled burgers. I had a bunless burger with lettuce, tomato, mustard, and pickles. I also had a few hunks of watermelon and more pickles on the side. I bought a veggie tray from the supermarket as my contribution and to make sure that I would be able to fill my plate. I had celery, baby carrots, and cherry tomatoes, too. The most tempting item for me was the tortilla chips and salsa, and there was also a layered bean dip that smelled and looked really good. There was also a chocolate bundt cake, banana pudding, and a berry trifle. I would have liked to try the cake because it looked so rich and also the blueberries on the trifle looked really yummy, but they had whipped cream under them so I didn't want to risk it.

Sorry it's so blurry, it was too dark to get a good macro shot...and I ate a bite already, oops
I brought a bottle of mineral water so I wouldn't be tempted to have beer (which would give me a wheat belly, so that's not too tempting). I used to like microbrew or artisanal beer, but now it doesn't even tempt me. I only like wine and have been thinking about going to our local apple orchard for their hard cider making class so I can make it on my own when I feel like drinking out of a beer bottle like everyone else.

After eating it was time for fireworks. I pitched in a few bucks for four BOGO fireworks. I didn't want to spend loads of money because I feel like you essentially burn up your dollars when you buy fireworks. I was actually pleased what I got, because they twisted out sparks and shot up into the air. We had some sparklers and a few fountain-style fireworks. Further off into the field some people in the family shot fireworks into the air. Also, because West Texas is so flat, I could see three or four fireworks displays happening at other towns on the horizon, so it was like a cool multidimensional show. It was definitely better than last year when we had a burn ban and couldn't have any!

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