Whole 30 Day 29

Only one day left of Whole 30! It doesn't really feel like it's the end, however, because now I feel like I have some newly-established habits. I'm looking forward to my final weigh-in, measurements, and comparing my before and after photos. I really want to take a pic of the shorts I was wearing before starting the program and now, because they are super baggy on me!

I had a busy day today because I spent the morning on campus, then came home and had lunch, then went out to the research station. I really need to go grocery shopping, so my meals were simple and consisted mainly of leftovers:

Breakfast was three scrambled eggs and leftover sweet potato fries with black coffee. Simple.

Lunch was a sort of hamburger salad with 4 grass-fed mini burgers, a pile of romaine, a small tomato, a pickle (plus another after this photo was taken), with some homemade mayo. Homemade mayo is so superior to the jar stuff. You can see how pinkish mine is because I add cayenne, white pepper, and spicy brown mustard for a little kick, so it definitely has more flavor than the jarred stuff.

I had a handful of cherries before going to the gym because I was a little hungry. I did my first kettle bell routine at the gym! It was really, really fun. I did 25 min of interval training on the Lifecycle recumbent bike first before moving onto the kettle bell portion. I used 15 lbs for all the exercises except the swings, where I used 20 lbs. I used a youtube video for the routine, and I made it through 1.5 rounds, which I thought was pretty good considering it was my first try and I had done all that cardio too.

I was really hungry afterwards, but not for carbs, just food in general. I was happy to realize I didn't have an intense carb craving because that indicates I could be becoming or already am fat-adapted, which is something Mark Sisson wrote about recently on his blog. Basically, it means I'm burning fat instead of glycogen, which is preferred because fat seems to be the ultimate energy store in the body. You can only store about 500 g of glycogen in the liver, but even if you are at an athletic percentage of body fat, you still may have 20 lbs of fat to burn through! I have noticed that I can go 6 or 7 hours during the day without feeling really hungry, which is way different than when I was eating a low-fat vegetarian or flexetarian diet. Hunger also comes on gradually and is not like a stabbing, grinding feeling in my stomach. Before Paleo (and except when I was doing South Beach) I would literally have to eat every 2.5-3 hours, so I was sometimes eating 6-7 times a day (3 meals, 3-4 snacks), trying desperately to stay around 1600 calories/day, and wondering why I couldn't lose weight. More perplexing was that I was eating many servings of whole grains, which have "heart healthy fiber to keep you fuller longer"...I put that in quotes because I can practically hear many weight loss gurus and cereal commercials saying something like that! All the while I was trying to balance classwork with exercise. I think the most frustrating was that I was exercising on top of calories counting, but not losing weight. Well, I was probably burning glycogen and not body fat!

As I said, I am low on food so I went to the salad bar at the grocery store in the nick of time and made a salad. Actually, the person was already cleaning up when I got there, so I quickly filled my container with some of the things that were already on the trolley to be put away! I got some fruit salad, but I didn't eat it last night, turkey, shredded carrots, peppers, olives, cherry tomatoes, and artichokes. The lettuce was already put away, so I just got a bag of lettuce and arranged my salad on a plate at home. The olive oil bottle was empty there, so I used my own extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a little black pepper. It ended up being a really good salad, but I was still hungry after eating it, so I also had 2 more mini burgers and a little pile of leftover sweet potatoes dipped in a little mayo (this plate was a saucer-sized plate). Finally, the tank was full!

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