Whole 30 Day 30

Today's the last day of my Whole 30. It's hard to call it a "last day" because I can choose to continue to eat like this, so it's hardly an end. Actually, it's a nice template for me to use in the future. I've tested my willpower time and again in these last 30 days, and if I have been able to be strong in this past month, then there's no end to my strength in the future.

Breakfast was an eclectic mix of leftovers: the last bit of a leftover pork chop and a tiny pile of leftover sweet potatoes and two scrambled eggs on the side. Do I even need to add that I had some black coffee on the side?

Lunch was kind of split up today. I was about to leave to go to the field station for a quick thing I had to do, but I put the Rawma bar from my last PaleoPax in my bag just in case. When you eat Paleo, you get used to taking a snack with you! I found it to taste pretty good, but it was a bit too large for a snack, yet too small for a meal replacement. I didn't stay full long after eating it. Because I didn't plan to stay out there too long, I didn't pack any other food, so I went home and scarfed down some mini burgers with homemade mayo, lettuce, and pickles (this is a saucer-sized plate).

For dinner (my last Whole 30 dinner!) I made a big salad with romaine and radicchio as a base. I topped it with tuna salad made with homemade mayo, a can of tuna, and diced pickle. I added some cherry tomatoes and baby carrots for color and some celery and almonds for crunch. Dessert was a scant cup of black cherries.

I think this salad is so pretty that I had to post two pictures!
Here's a pretty cherry picture from earlier in the challenge!
I don't intend to stay up till midnight so I can chomp on some cookies! After this busy week, I'm off to bed early. I didn't buy anything special for tomorrow, though I do have my shopping list written because I need groceries badly! The only thing I've added to the list that I haven't had in the last month is bacon! Also, I put something new on my list: kombucha and kefir. I want to start including more probiotics in my diet, and both kombucha and kefir have them. Kefir will be my first dairy to try after Whole 30, so I can see how I can react to it. I read an article from Chris Kresser about kefir, the "not-qute-Paleo superfood," and it made me realize that if I tolerate dairy well (as far as I can tell I do) then I could be missing out on a really wonderful addition to my diet all because it doesn't fall under the Paleo umbrella. So, we shall see what happens!


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