Farmers Market Finds

Finally, the town I live in is starting to have a more active Farmers Market. I have been trying to find one since I moved here nearly 2 years ago. I went to one last summer only to find nothing being sold even though it was supposed to be a market day. In the last couple of weeks, I found two different markets. I drove past one as it was winding down while I was driving to a concert last Friday. Then, I was checking out the community calendar this Friday and I found an advertisement for a market that's every two weeks. One market happened to be this Saturday, so my friends and I went. Not only did they have fruits and vegetables, but also crafts, soap, and breads. I bought a cute pair of rosebud earrings in a color I wear frequently (grey!), but there were loads of different earrings I wanted. I hope the same vendor will be back in the next market times, but luckily she also has an Etsy account.

I bought most of my vegetables from some folks who own a local apple orchard. I got a pint of local, raw honey, four unwaxed apples (though I ate one on the car ride home), and three avocados. Luckily, living in Texas, avocados are more of a local crop compared to other states in the US. From another vendor, I got two bell peppers and four zephyr squash. The stand owner said I was the only person so far who knew what zephyr squash were. I hadn't had any since I lived in Georgia, and I love them because they taste like butter. They will make an excellent saute with butter, onion, and salt and pepper! I'd like to add the peppers to chili, then garnish with the avocado. I love that the farmer's market inspires me because there is a limit of seasonal produce, not like at the store where you have pretty much any fruit or vegetable any time you want. The honey is going to last a long time and go into grain-free baked goods and treats, and the apples will make a great snack.


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