Paleo Thai Food at Home

My dinner the other night turned out to be so pretty and tasty, that I took some pics. These recipes are not my own, they're from the Food Lovers Make it Paleo cookbook. I made their Chicken Satay and Satay Sauce. I didn't grill the chicken, but instead pan-cooked it with the marinade and then broiled it for a grilled taste. I only made half a batch of the sauce, but ended up tweaking it a little to suit my taste. Thai food is all about balance, so I added more lime plus some ginger, which it didn't call for. Also, the sauce was really missing some fish sauce; the coconut aminos, while good, didn't give the right kind of salinity. So I added a few dashes of fish sauce, too. I served the chicken and sauce with some cauliflower rice: grated cauliflower cooked in coconut oil until tender and rice-like. This meal wasn't only pleasing to the taste, but also to the eyes!

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