What I Ate Wednesday: 21 Day Fix with Paleo Meals (3/2/16)

Though I've managed to take pictures of what I've been eating these last couple of Wednesdays, I didn't get a chance to post them because my routine has been totally thrown off. What have I been up to these past couple weeks? Well, I decided to go back to the hallowed halls of academia and started a new post-doc position! I'm not located on campus, though, I'm stationed in the Napa Valley! A wine lovers dream! So these last couple of weeks I've been packing up my apartment in the central valley and shipped it all up to Napa. I've been in my new place since Saturday, but I'm still unpacking (I'm currently using a cardboard box as a table as I write this now).

Anyway, I really want to get back into routine so this week I'm posting what I ate this Wednesday! I happened to be travelling to campus that day, but I still made room for good meals.

Breakfast was leftover roasted potatoes (regular and white sweet potatoes) scrambled with eggs and some grapefruit on the side. I also had a cup of black coffee in my muy fuerte dragon mug I got in Chinatown in San Francisco last fall on my whirlwind road trip.

1 red, 1 yellow, 1 purple

Mid-morning, I had a scoop of chocolate Shakeology in 8 oz of unsweetened vanilla almond milk and 2 oz of water. This is my favorite way to have my shake when I can't get to a blender.

1 red, 1 yellow

Lunch was at the student union. I got a big salad with all kinds of veggies, chicken, and balsamic vinaigrette. I dined al fresco with one of my sweet friends!

2 green, 1 red, 1 orange

Mid-afternoon I had an apple on my drive back.

1 purple

Dinner was leftover roasted sweet potatoes (a mix of regular and white sweet potatoes), steamed sugar snap peas with some cultured butter from Trader Joe's and pork chops. Somehow I managed to season the pork chops so they tasted like pizza, which was awesome. Even more awesome was that I managed to season the sweet potatoes so they tasted like Thanksgiving! I ended up having another serving of sugar snaps (not pictured), so I got all my veggies in!

1 red, 1 yellow, 4 tsp

I had an evening snack of pecans and tangerines

1 blue, 1 purple

It's really nice to be back in the vineyard, too. I forgot how awesome of a workout it was to bend and stoop to do outdoor work. My legs are still sore two days after!

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