What I Ate Wednesday: Thursday Edition, 21 Day Fix with Paleo Meals (4/7/16)

On Wednesday I was standing in the vineyard and realized I forgot to take a picture of my breakfast for my What I Ate Wednesday post. D'oh! So I figured it wasn't a big deal, I'll just track my meals on Thursday. It would be interesting to take pictures and post them on a non-normal day (ie: traveling) so you can see the things I choose and restaurants in order to attempt to stay on track, but that's not going to happen this week.

I didn't eat badly while on my work trip this week, but I definitely had too much salt. Ready to get back to normal until my work trip next week. But I hope the more work trips I go on, the more streamlined things get. 

I started the day off with my Shakeology shaker cup full of water to help flush out some of the excess salt/water hanging on to me. Normally I cook my breakfast and have Shakeology for a snack, but I felt I needed to start the day with plenty of vitamins. I mixed the strawberry flavor with water and a cup of frozen mango and peaches. I look exhausted in these pictures. My eyes were burning they were so tired. But you can see my new haircut in this pic! I cut off about 4 or 5 inches. And you can see my new scarf from a local vintage shop!

We were on the road a long time these past couple of days. I also had some black coffee, which was necessary.

1 red, 1 purple

Mid-morning I had an orange container of chopped pecans and a Cara Cara orange that I mangled while peeling. I was going through my notes from the last few days while I had my snack. I've been out of school a long time, but I still go back through my notes and highlight and make extra notes with a different ink color. Nerd and proud of it.

1 purple, 1 orange

I'm so thankful to me last Saturday for prepping food! I had some Slow Cooker Chicken Adobo made from the 21 Day Sugar Detox cookbook by Diane Sanfilippo, cauli rice from Trader Joe's, and roasted sweet potatoes that were in the freezer section on clearance at Target. I made up a bunch of plates and put them in the freezer to grab as I need. It may look blah and beige, but it tasted so delicious! I can definitely recommend this recipe and cookbook! A couple alterations to the recipe: I used 3 lbs of boneless meat, which is 12 servings. The 3 lbs of bone-in chicken thighs is supposed to yield 4 servings according to the recipe, but there weren't any at Trader Joe's. It worked out well because the recipe made a lot of sauce...half a blue container per serving, approximately. The recipe has you place sliced onion, ginger, and garlic on the bottom of the crock pot, so after I removed the chicken I blitzed everything with my immersion blender so the veggies would thicken the sauce.

1 red, 1/2 blue, 1 yellow, 2 tsp, 1 green

I don't normally have Shakeology twice in one day. If I have it for breakfast, I'll have a protein snack later in the day with Greek yogurt. But I just came back from a trip so I don't have any Greek yogurt. I also didn't drink my Shakeology for 2 days, so I have a bit extra. This is chocolate with unsweetened vanilla almond milk (8 oz) and a few oz of water. This is my normal mid-morning snack. Fuji apple on the side.

1 red, 1 yellow, 1 purple

Here's my Shakeology stash in my desk drawer so I can grab one and put it in my back pack before heading to the field:

I ran an errand after work, then stopped to get fresh produce. Since my workout was delayed, I made a little pre-workout snack of cottage cheese and grape tomatoes. I've loved the combination of tomatoes and cottage cheese since I was a kid. I don't eat cottage cheese a lot, but it's a pretty good source of protein and is a great option if you don't have time to cook.

1 red, 1 green

Dinner was from the freezer again, yay! This is a slow cooker chicken with tangerine that I've been working on. These asparagus spears were also on clearance at Target, and they were horrible. I don't think I've ever had frozen asparagus before, and I will never have them again. Look how sad they are! This was about 1.5 green containers, and I couldn't finish them. So yucky.

1 red, 1 tsp, ? green

I ended up having a few cashews to finish up my blue container for the day. Half a blue container is four cashews, and I wasn't going to take a photo of four cashews. That's just silly business.

1/2 blue

I didn't eat all my containers today. I got an extra red, but skipped some green, a teaspoon, and a yellow. I feel like intuitively my body is making up for the erratic eating during my travels. Of all the containers to skip, green is not the one that I would choose, primarily because I don't want to mixx out on phytonutrients. Friday (today) my appetite is more normal. Doing the Fix and eating Paleo at the same time may take a bit more practice as I travel, but I'm all in.

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