Monday Musings: Happiness Project, September

I made it through my first month of my Happiness Project! In a short time, I am already learning great lessons. But first, how did I do? Here were my goals:

1) Make bed every day
2) No dirty dishes in the sink at the end of the day
3) Evening tidy up (15 minutes)
4) Clear closets and drawers
5) Tackle nagging tasks
6) Keep a food diary
7) Follow my "to do" list
8) Repair, reuse, re-purpose, or get rid

I made my bed 100% of the time! This made me happy because pulling back the covers at night became a lovely part of my bedtime ritual. It made me feel taken care of. The bed is a huge chunk of the space in a bedroom, so when it's messy, your whole bedroom looks messy. I love the order it created. I also got faster at making it, so it was less of a burden. Plus, the pleasure of seeing it look so nice and crawling into orderly blankets at night made it totally worth it. 

How did I do on the rest of the goals? Not quite as good. Doing dishes is a struggle for me, but I feel what I learned about making my bed started to be applied towards the end of the month. I enjoy cooking, but who wants to make a mess on top of a mess? 

The best thing about my August goals is that they got me thinking about worth. It's easy to put our worth in what we do for a living and disregard the normal tasks in life. I mean, when was the last time you gave yourself a mental high five for vacuuming? But when I started to think about these tasks as just as important as my day job, I started to feel more congratulatory towards getting them done. I go to work, and work hard and can pat myself on the back for that. But why can't I do the same thing about accomplishing "mundane" tasks? It actually motivates me and adds happiness to my life knowing I can say to myself that I did a good job for cleaning out a drawer. It's energizing and does add to my happiness and sense of self worth.

The one tasks that I really didn't enjoy was keeping a food journal. I don't feel like it added a lot to help me. I never took the time to look back to see when I splurged (which I don't actually do a lot for the following reasons), plus I often eat the same types of foods, almost all my meals are home cooked, and don't bring home junk food so the food journal wasn't that informative. 

My inspiration quote for September is:

"If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete." -Jack Kornfield

I found how much congratulating myself on everyday tasks can be energizing and fulfilling. Now I want to put myself higher on my "to do" list as another way to reaffirm my worth. When I am last on the totem pole I feel dead tired and it's hard for me to see the value in me. By doing the things I need to do to make me feel good, I will have the wherewithal to get through the tougher tasks in life. Therefore, September is all about making choices that help me to feel cared for.


1. Exercise
2. Eat a salad
3. Practice a self-care ritual (Treat yo' self!)
4. Read a personal growth book
5. Meditate
6. Meal prep

In a combination of organization and self-care, I'm going to focus on meal prepping. This typically happens on the weekend (when I get a chance), but having healthy meals makes me live my life better because I feel good and organized. I don't like frantically running after work to get dinner or feeling so hungry I might have a meltdown. I specifically want to plan more salads, especially since my garden is still producing. There's nothing like a salad to make me feel like I care about my body.

I ended up joining a gym last month because I felt like I needed a more communal experience. My gym is so awesome I actually call it a spa since I have a hot tub, sauna, indoor and outdoor pools, and massage chairs. It feels like a treat to go because I end my workout with the massage chair. Exercise not only helps me take care of my body, but afterwards I do feel amazing. I'm worth the effort.

My self-care ritual can be anything from painting my nails to putting on a face mask. It's a pocket of time where I focus on doing something that makes me feel pampered.

For personal development I'm going to meditate and read a personal growth book. My form of meditation is coloring. I have a grown-up coloring book that has illustrations from Jane Austen's books. When I'm coloring, I tune everything out and just focus, which feels really meditative. Sometimes I get outside the lines and I actually like when it happens because it's a practice on not taking myself too seriously. I have a lot of personal growth books I've been meaning to read, so in my next Monday Musings post I'll tell you what I ended up reading!

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