Monday Musings: Happiness Project-March

 I am way behind on my Happiness Project! I didn't review my December, January, or February goals at all on here. The holidays and travelling threw me for a loop, and so far this year there have been a lot of changes in my life so I've been trying to keep my head above water.

Things started to change in January. In Norcal, we had a huge stretch of rainy weather. Well, I had a fender bender when I hydroplaned on a slippery road. I had my car since my senior year of high school (I'm now 32), taking it with me on my cross-country move. It was sad to say goodbye to her, but I got a lovely new car. I'm most happy about having modern safety features in the new car. Shopping for a new car after the wreck took a couple of weeks, and I felt like a wreck while searching! I worried about making the right decision. Now that I made the decision I'm starting to feel comfortable with my new car.

In February I moved apartments, and ended up making the move three weeks early. I'd lived in a backhouse/mother-in-law house for nearly a year, but the property owner decided to sell. Luckily, she had another apartment less than a mile that I could move into, and I really loved the floor plan and how bright the place was. I am mostly unpacked now, and had to do it quickly because I had shoulder surgery just over a week ago. I am still not very mobile and am slowly pecking out this blog post one-handed.

I'm relieved to have the shoulder surgery done with, and hope I can put the pain of this injury behind me forever very soon. I injured my shoulder in 2013 while working out with a personal trainer. I have dealt with pain and frozen shoulder off and on for almost 4 years. Sometimes I get angry about my injury: I was trying to get in shape and faced this huge derailment, even though I was working with someone I thought would have the skill and qualifications to guide me to my goals. I know that being angry won't help me get over the injury so I try to put it behind me. Thankfully, my boyfriend has been able to care for me since I don't have any family in California.

I'm looking forward to getting back to my Happiness Project in April. I'm sure it will have something to do with getting back to my healthy routines after the upheaval of the surgery. I'm not sure when I will be allowed to get back to the gym but I'm looking forward to when that day will come. One thing I had managed so far in 2017 that has made me very happy is losing 10 lbs. I'm hoping I don't gain it back while being sedentary during recovery.